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Nature-Based Reductions and Removals: Registry Updates and Market Supply & Demand

May 17, 2022 

The drivers and market for reductions and removals has solidified over the last year as the guidance for net zero claims has developed. This webinar will introduce participants to the differences between avoided emissions and removals and how they are used in distinct ways to fulfill carbon neutrality and net zero reduction goals.

We will discuss which removals qualify for the new Science-Based Targets Initiative Net Zero Guidance and the future removals demand due to corporate pledges and supply from offset project developers. The webinar will give participants timely updates on the status of removals breakouts in revised offset methodologies and how these removals will appear on public registries. A particular focus will be given to the North American Improved Forest Management project pipeline and how these projects fit into the new removals definitions.

Attendees will hear from carbon offset project developer, Bluesource/Element Markets, and the American Carbon Registry and will come away with a clear picture of the nature-based markets as well as the most current updates likely to affect the near-term development of the market.

With presenters: 

  • Lizzie Aldrich, Vice President of Business Development, Bluesource/Element Markets
  • Ben Massie, Vice President of Environmental Markets, Bluesource/Element Markets
  • Kurt Krapfl, Director of Forestry at American Carbon Registry

Recording available

Past Webinars

Classic to Contemporary: How the Cyclical Nature of Carbon Markets Promotes Innovation

June 8, 2021

As Bluesource celebrates two decades of climate action, we reflect on the trends that have come and gone and come again. Through a Q&A format, we heard from an expert who helped launch the original heyday of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) and get an update on the nouveau CCS movement. We also looked at renewable natural gas and the way that incentives can drive an entire sector from offset credits to Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits. Also, we dove into the preference for carbon removals and how that is driving renewed interest in soil carbon sequestration, and how recently-created protocols differ from earlier versions to create higher quality reductions.

Renewable Natural Gas: A Compliance and Voluntary Solution to Lower Greenhouse Gases

With Bluesource, CRS and M-RETs

September 29, 2020

Renewable natural gas has become a lucrative commodity with interest from both obligated entities and green-minded businesses. This webinar offers a digest of RNG (pun intended) with speakers Will Overly, Benjamin Gerber and Rachael Terada. We dive into project types, markets, standards and tracking systems for RNG sales. View the slides for this presentation here

An Updated Look at COVID-19’s Impact on Environmental Markets

With Bluesource, Verra and Bank of America

September 1, 2020

Join BluesourceVerra and Bank of America for an in-depth look at how the COVID-19 crisis has affected the demand for offsets from both unregulated corporate buyers and regulated compliance entities. We also discuss potential future impacts on these markets as we move forward in the new, post-crisis landscape.

Protect Our Winters Canada | Online Après: Carbon Offsetting 101

Bluesource’s Lizzie Aldrich and POW Canada’s Athlete Ambassador  Kim Vinet

June 17, 2020

Protect Our Winters Canada has started an online après series; giving you information about decreasing your environmental footprint. In this session, Lizzie Aldrich (Bluesource, VP Business Development) and Kim Vinet (POW Canada Athlete Ambassador) discuss Carbon Offsetting.

CORSIA Insights: How Airlines and Carbon Markets are Preparing and the Role of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

With United, CBL Markets and Ocean Park Advisors

April 9, 2020

Join Bluesource, United Airlines, CBL Markets and Ocean Park Advisors to learn about the CORSIA basics, who will participate, how United is positioning itself for CORSIA, how CORSIA will affect offset markets, the role that sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will play in lowering emissions and a new centralized exchange for CORSIA-eligible emission units, the IATA Aviation Carbon Exchange (ACE).
How Can Conservation Authorities and Municipalities use Carbon Markets to Protect Forests?

With Conservation Ontario and Eastern Ontario Model Forests
March 31, 2020

Eastern Ontario Model Forest and Bluesource present an introduction to forest carbon and explain how this market can help conservation authorities and municipalities protect their forests.

Unlocking Corporate Action on Climate Change

With Microsoft and Interface
January 21, 2020

Voluntary carbon offset markets can be opaque and intimidating for new corporate buyers. This webinar highlights some common challenges faced by corporates looking to take climate action and will present several ideas for getting started. Sustainability leaders Microsoft and Interface discuss their sustainability strategies and how they’ve overcome challenges.

Grasslands Carbon Offset Development
With the Climate Action Reserve

October 2, 2019

Bluesource and the Climate Action Reserve host a webinar on grasslands carbon offset project development. Learn how this new project category has gained popularity and is under consideration for inclusion in the California cap-and-trade program and both voluntary and compliance markets in Canada. Discover the potential role these types of projects play in the overall solution to climate change.

Forestry Offsets 101: A Case Study of The Nature Conservancy and Bluesource’s Working Woodlands Program
With The Nature Conservancy

July 25, 2019

Josh Parrish of The Nature Conservancy and Josh Strauss of Bluesource discuss why forest carbon is on everyone’s mind, what type of landowners can take advantage of this opportunity, how verifications work, and more.

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