Bluesource Is Proving There’s Serious Money in Carbon Offsets

October 27, 2008 Carbon offsets, or activities that reduce the amount of CO2 emitted each y ear, can take on a dizzy ing array of forms, from planting trees to flaring methane. Bluesource, a company that offers technology to offset carbon in the U.S. (by doing things like capturing carbon and storing it), has just […]

Press Releases / 27 Oct 2008

Roger Williams Conducts A ‘Post Mortem’ of the Recent Senate Debate on the US Climate Security Act

July 7, 2008 The US climate security act spluttered to a halt on 4 June after receiving only 48 of the 60 votes necessary to stay alive during a brief two-day debate in the Senate. What happened and what can we learn for future US climate policy? Though the planet continues to get warmer, US […]

Blog / 07 Jul 2008

Next Generation Green: Tomorrow’s Innovative Green Business Leaders

January 28, 2008 With dozens of magazine covers and news features, television shows, books, products, feature films, and even a NobelPeace Prize, climate change was undoubtedly the topic of the moment in 2007. As Jon Coifman of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) puts it, in the collective consciousness the environment seems at last to […]

Press Releases / 28 Jan 2008

Carbon Neutral Simplified

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