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Decades of environmental leadership.

Bluesource is the largest and longest standing carbon offset project developer in North America. For the emerging regen ag market, we manage large-scale project aggregations and sell large offset volumes at premium pricing.​

Bluesource offers a full suite of services for partners in the agricultural supply chain to leverage carbon markets to create value for their network for growers:​

Support in designing your carbon program​

Structure of carbon finance to offer growers the option of upfront per-acre payments​

Develop offset projects and support the operation of your carbon program​​

Marketing and sales of carbon offsets


Subscribes growers to carbon program​ and manages each grower relationship


Adopt regenerative practices and get paid upfront and annually


Aggregates growers to generate offsets and pool risk, sells in carbon market


Offsets sold and proceeds distributed by Bluesource

Creditable Project Activites

Soil Carbon Improvement
Increase organic carbon levels in the soil by switching to low- or no-till farming, planting cover crops, manure application, and application of other organic soil amendments.​

Reduced Nitrogen Volatilization
Reduce total nitrogen fertilizer usage or reduce the volatilization rate through variable application, controlled release nitrogen, or urease inhibitors.​

Reduced Energy Consumption
Implement changes that make a measurable reduction to total fuel or electricity consumption.​

Reduced Methane Generation
Lower methane generation through alternative wetting and drying of rice fields, dietary supplements for livestock, and manure management systems.​

3 Why Work With Bluesource

Why work with Bluesource

  • The only provider with proven ability to sell offsets in the US voluntary market at scale and at a premium.​
  • A successful track record in developing and administering large-scale, complex offset project aggregations.​
  • Bluesource and its partner, Arva Intelligence, offer a streamlined platform for data capture making it easy on the grower and automated where possible.
  • We align our interests with yours and only get paid when the grower gets paid.​
  • Long-term commitments on behalf of the grower, and Bluesource pools the risk of carbon reversals across growers.​

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