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Source and Procure Renewable Energy

A Bluesource Biogas Project

Renewable energy is a valuable and necessary component of most emission reduction strategies. With Bluesource’s comprehensive portfolio, we simplify the process of selecting a source of renewable energy and integrating it into your environmental action plan.

Looking for large scale, commercial sources of RNG? We’ve got you covered. 

Renewable Natural Gas

Companies who want to take a direct role in reducing their Scope 1 emissions can source renewable natural gas (RNG), also known as biogas, through Bluesource. RNG is created from the breakdown of organic material in landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and anaerobic digesters that accept animal and food waste.  By relying on RNG rather than conventional “brown” gas, companies are able to support an industry that creates a valuable asset out of waste products. These waste products would generate and release methane, a potent greenhouse gas, if they were not used to produce RNG. While RNG agreements are typically virtual, using a technique called book-and-claim accounting, Bluesource tailors each purchase to meet clients’ needs. We use the most reputable and current standards to ensure that RNG used to reduce Scope 1 emissions is not double counted in compliance renewable fuels markets.

Bluesource can also provide RNG to utilities who market this product to their customers as an alternative to conventional natural gas. For utilities and other clients with consumer-facing marketing interests, Bluesource provides additional marketing support. We share details on the feedstocks used to create the biogas, track the environmental attributes of the RNG and supply photos of the facility. We work with your team to help visualize and communicate the details of RNG purchases to customer bases so they have assurance in the validity of biogas purchases as a means of greenhouse gas reductions.

Onsite Energy Production

Our experts evaluate your facility’s onsite energy production potential. We perform a feasibility analysis, production calculations and create models to help you make the best decision. If needed, Bluesource can connect you to finance options and manage all aspects of project development from design to installation.

Bluesource’s Israel Baptist Project in Washington, DC.

Power Purchase Agreements

For organizations that lack the space for onsite energy production, Bluesource facilitates virtual power purchase agreements. In these cases, we connect you with a reputable, high-quality project from which to purchase energy. We perform rigorous quality checks to ensure the energy is only counted toward your footprint, creating valid emission reductions. Virtual power purchase agreements are an economical, practical way to support emission reductions for facilities with little onsite opportunity.

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