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A leader in North American carbon markets since 2001, Bluesource has developed and currently manages the continent’s largest carbon offset portfolio. Our environmental, forestry, marketing and transactional professionals represent North America’s largest team devoted to turnkey forest carbon project development–and we’ve been voted Environmental Finance’s Best Project Developer (North American Markets) for five consecutive years. Our industry-leading partners include both private and public landowners, nonprofits and corporations.

Award-Winning Forest Carbon Project Development

Bluesource develops and manages both compliance and voluntary forest carbon projects with no upfront costs to landowners. Our award-winning experts form the most experienced team in North America. We use cutting-edge, proprietary technology to verify initial calculations, streamline the registration and verification process and secure carbon credit sales.


Bluesource conducts a free preliminary evaluation of project costs and returns. Our proprietary software, refined over the last decade, makes project assessments low-risk, straightforward and timely.

Carbon Credit

Bluesource coordinates and finances all activities required to register and sell carbon credits. Our relationships with verifiers and regulating entities creates a smooth path to carbon credit creation. Learn more about the credit development process.

Carbon Credit
Marketing and Sales

Bluesource leverages the size and diversity of our carbon credit portfolio to attract buyers. Backed by decades of commercial experience, our team creates individualized marketing strategies to ensure your project's profitability.

More Than Three Million Acres

Our forest carbon projects cover a footprint of over three million acres and represent a wide variety of forest and project owner types throughout the continent. We work with landowners to balance returns from conservation efforts, carbon market revenues and land management practices. We have experience partnering with public entities, private companies, tribal organizations, nonprofits and TIMOs.

Bluesource develops all projects in accordance with  the principles of the United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Call to Action In practice: we ensure we seek free, prior, and informed consent in all our actions concerning Indigenous Communities; in pursuing Natural Climate Solutions opportunities on public lands, we respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples to determine and develop priorities and strategies for the development or use of their lands and territories; we support the use of Indigenous knowledge of land stewardship in our development of Natural Climate Solutions projects; and we actively enable training and economic opportunities for Indigenous community members in the implementation and ongoing management of projects.

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Forestry credits are available for purchase. 

Forest Carbon Simplified

3,000, non-contiguous, acres is the approximate bare minimum footprint for a viable project.

The implications on land management are directly related to the project type chosen. Generally speaking, improved forest management projects do not allow harvesting to exceed forest growth, but harvesting is still permitted.  If commercial harvesting is undertaken on the project area, certification under FSC, SFI, or ATFS, must be maintained. Additionally, compliance projects face restrictions on the size of even-aged harvests and are not permitted to utilize broadcast fertilization.

Length of commitment is dependent on project type and can range from 40 years for voluntary projects to over 100 years for compliance projects.

Voluntary projects are subject to the rulesets/protocols designated by the various voluntary offset registries (e.g. ACR, CAR, Verra, etc.). Compliance projects are subject to the California Air Resource Board’s Cap-And-Trade Regulation and the associated Forest Offset Protocol. Voluntary and compliance credits trade at different pricing levels, with compliance credits generally selling at a premium to voluntary offsets.

Bluesource uses proprietary software, honed over a decade, to determine your carbon yield. We evaluate forest stocking, age, species and other data to perform complex calculations in accordance with both voluntary and compliance carbon offset standards.  Please contact us to begin the evaluation process and get your free estimate.


Credits can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months to generate, depending on many factors including: project type, location, forest heterogeneity, verifiers’ schedules, and regulatory body backlogs. Bluesource manages your project from start to finish, using our reputation and experience with regulators and verifiers to advocate for your project and ensure credits are generated as quickly as possible.

There are many factors that determine a forestry credit’s value, but as of this writing, compliance credits are in the neighborhood of $13-$15, while voluntary credits are in the range of $7-$12 per metric ton.

Working Woodlands is a program facilitated by The Nature Conservancy and Bluesource that provides landowners with conservation and management assistance when they agree to manage their forests sustainably. Landowners who own a minimum of 3,000 forested acres may be eligible for the Working Woodlands program. Learn more about Working Woodlands here.

Get your free feasibility assessment.

Our team provides an initial feasibility assessment of any property larger than 4,000 acres—free of charge. To get started, simply fill out this form, and our forestry team will be in touch.

Our Forestry Projects in the News

Forbes ClimateTech Updates for April 2021

Bluesource is featured in Forbes’ ClimateTech Updates for April 2021, highlighting our Buena Vista Height nature-based solutions urban forest credits in Elizabeth Township, Pennsylvania. They also discuss our involvement in the IHS Markit meta registry oversight board.

Bluesource to head MI DNR’s pilot carbon credit marketing project

Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced today that they selected Bluesource to head their pilot carbon marketing project, Pigeon River Improved Forest Management Project. We are excited to get started on the project and work alongside such a creative and innovative organization.

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