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High-Quality Emission Reductions

Bluesource’s Doe Mountain Improved Forest Management Project

Since 2001, we have developed unique projects that produce high-quality emission reduction benefits for sale in North American carbon markets. Our project development work involves taking an instrumental role in originating real and meaningful carbon reductions under the rigor of the most influential standards and registries.

Award-Winning Turnkey Services

Bluesource is the most-established carbon offset developer in North America. For six consecutive years, we’ve been named by our clients and peers as Best Project Developer (All North American Market) and Best Offset Originator (California) in Environmental Finance’s Annual Market Rankings. We maximize value for our partners by providing high-quality, efficient project management. Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure accurate, timely and straightforward project design and implementation. Our wide array of creditworthy, established corporate and compliance buyers help us secure credit offtake for the life of the project.

Our comprehensive suite of project development services includes:

We assess project eligibility, potential credit volume and market-based revenue expectations. Using available property and project information combined with our unique position and insight, we offer pro forma project cash flow, volumetric forecasts and analyses presented in a formal Opportunity Assessment to facilitate project owner decision making.

We undertake a detailed evaluation of all legal, financial, technical, environmental and managerial factors impacting project eligibility and economics to confirm the initial projections prior to project launch.​

For forest and land-use carbon projects, we work with in-house and outside foresters to design and develop a forest carbon inventory model aligned with specific protocol standards and methodologies. We also manage inventory activities and finance any third-party costs.​

This service utilizes input from foresters local to the project area to developing detailed models of wood and carbon stocks over the next 100 years. The models project the number of carbon credits to be generated, factoring in leakage, risk and uncertainty.​

We document all eligibility requirements and volume calculations in detailed Project Design Documents (PDD) in accordance with the selected protocols and standards.​

On an upfront and ongoing basis, third-party verifiers must be retained to audit carbon calculations, eligibility and conformance with the protocol and standard. We contract with accredited verifiers to provide these services, finance all associated costs and manage this challenging process from beginning to end.

Following successful verification, carbon credits are issued and registered on accredited carbon registries like ACR and CAR. We orchestrate this process and cover all associated fees.

We work with our project owners to develop revenue generation strategies and have earned a reputation among prominent buyers as a provider of high-quality environmental products. This reputation, combined with the strength and sheer size of our portfolio, translates into increased value for both our customers and the projects themselves.​

We manage all ongoing monitoring, reporting and verification activities, while financing all associated third-party costs.​


Below is a list of project types and technologies where we have specific expertise. In each area we have successfully financed, developed, registered and transacted the resulting emission reduction benefits in the markets we participate in on behalf of our clients. Click on any of the links below to learn more about our expertise in these areas.

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Bluesource works with organizations of all sizes in all sectors to help them develop carbon offset projects and lead their industries in climate action.

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