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Bluesource’s McCloud Improved Forest Management Project

At our core, we are market makers with a long history in emerging environmental and energy markets. Our experience provides us with visibility and leverage in new markets and technologies, as well as the strategic expertise and partnerships necessary to effectively put capital to work.

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Recognized History of Leadership

In the last 20 years, we have demonstrated an effective ability to both raise and place financial capital into environmental and energy markets. Through Bluesource and our affiliates, we have deployed capital through a number of financial structures: 

SDG, ES&G and Impact Investing Objectives

The ongoing evolution of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is nearing a tipping point for dramatic change. Impact investing continues to demand traditional investment returns with the addition of Environmental, Social and Governance (ES&G) outcomes.

Capital flow into environmental markets has been on the rise in recent years, and we expect this trend to continue and accelerate. Our forward investment emphasis, like our history, is presently focused on hard assets, market mechanisms and services.

Utilizing our unique vantage point, influence and expertise, we source and evaluate impact investing opportunities across many sectors, as well as assist start-ups, early-stage technologies and market makers in gaining access to capital.

Market Formation

We believe markets form and develop with the cooperation of interested and capable communities and that early-stage markets such as carbon mitigation, impact investing, renewables, nutrients and others demand an even higher level of market participant support and resources. These markets are too important to fail, so ensuring the early evolution of the marketplace does not hamper its ultimate potential is critical.

To help markets launch and develop efficiently, Bluesource participates in strategic alliances, private and public advisory, founders’ circles and various product and service working committees.  By way of example, we were a founding member of the American Carbon Registry and sat on the steering committee of the Verified Carbon Standard, aiding in market design for two of the world’s leading carbon reduction programs.

Even the launch of Bluesource in 2001 was, in itself, a pursuit of developing the early carbon offset markets. Since then, we have started or nurtured numerous for-profit and not-for-profit ventures in low-carbon infrastructure; carbon capture, utilization, and storage; poverty abatement; and low-carbon technologies. To this end, we are committed to leveraging our influence and experience to aid innovative and entrepreneurial social and environmental efforts.

Performance Measurement

Investors pursuing ES&G performance, in addition to a financial return, are seeking transparent and common standards on which to base monitoring and measurement of impact. Alignment with a single regional or global standard is a near-term objective as the investor community looks for best practices and seasoned management teams.

Presently, depending on the investment class and duration, Bluesource uses various third-party monitoring and measurement services and tools.  These tools continue to evolve, and much like our desire to help markets efficiently form, we believe that performance measurement tools need influence and support early on to succeed and not hinder critical investments over the long term.

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