Bluesource & Forest Investment Associates Register 1st Wisconsin Forest Carbon Project with California’s Cap & Trade Program

August 14, 2015

As project manager for Forest Investment Associates (FIA), Bluesource today announced the registration of over 695,000 forest carbon offsets with California’s cap and trade carbon market. Situated on approximately 30,000 acres of mixed hardwood forest in Wisconsin, the Bluesource- Goodman Improved Forest Management Project represents Bluesource’s second Lake-State based forest project under California’s program.

As a result of pre-contracted sales conducted by Bluesource, the project will immediately generate carbon revenue for FIA. In addition to marketing the project credits, Bluesource provided development services, ushering the project from conception through inventory development, carbon modeling, 3rd party verification, and credit registration.

The project is the first ever developed in Wisconsin for the California program. Bluesource has generated more forest carbon credits with the California compliance program than any other market participant.

“It’s great to see carbon value provide meaningful climate benefits on hardwood acres,” said Roger Williams, President of Bluesource. “There are many more projects like this that make sense to develop given the significant environmental benefits, favorable returns for landowners and strong demand for these credits in the market.”

The Bluesource- Goodman Improved Forest Management Project exemplifies how carbon offset generation and timber management can work hand-in-hand. The sustainable harvest practices employed on the property will ensure that harvesting does not exceed annual growth, thereby protecting habitat and sequestering carbon well into the future. This leads to a triple win- producing carbon and timber revenue, while benefiting wildlife and the greater ecosystem.

ABOUT BLUESOURCE— For the last 14 years, Bluesource has helped shape the North American carbon markets through its leadership in over 200 projects, first-of-kind forestry projects, precedent-setting emission reduction sales and world-class consulting and technical services. Bluesource’s deep forestry expertise and proven success in carbon marketing uniquely position the Company as a leader in the California compliance markets, having listed and registered more forest carbon credits with the California system than any other company. Bluesource is helping forest owners, land trusts and TIMOs understand and engage in the carbon economy through project development, emission reduction sales, engineering, financing and consulting services. With projects in the United States, Canada, Central America and Africa, Bluesource reduces greenhouse gases across over 20 different project types, including forestry, forest products, waste and methane management, agriculture, oil & gas, transportation and energy efficiency, and can be found on all of North America’s leading offset registries. Bluesource also specializes in helping companies structure a variety of offset purchases for voluntary, pre-compliance and compliance purposes. For more information contact Roger Williams at 415.399.9101 or, or visit:

ABOUT FOREST INVESTMENT ASSOCIATES— Forest Investment Associates is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has been providing timberland investment management services to institutional investors since 1986. For more information, visit


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