Bluesource Is Growing…

April 30, 2019

Bluesource has added two new positions to its growing commercial team with the addition of Lizzie Aldrich and Ben Massie who recently joined the company. Both bring a high level of expertise to their roles and add significant value by allowing Bluesource to further expand its project portfolio.

lizzie_aldrich       As Vice President of Business Development, Lizzie identifies and acquires new clients representing both supply and demand. This includes renewable natural gas and the associated RIN and LCFS credits. She also develops marketing materials, implements marketing strategies, negotiates sales’ agreements, and sells offsets in both the voluntary and compliance markets. Lizzie has been in the field of renewable energy and carbon markets since 2004. In addition to her previous roles, she has published 20 peer-reviewed articles, four book chapters, and a book with Routledge on renewable energy development in Latin America.

As Vice President of Environmental Markets, Ben is responsible for identifying and acquiring high-quality environmental instruments that meet the needs of Bluesource’s clients.  These include voluntary international carbon credits, US renewable energy credits, and international renewable energy credits. Ben also works with projects and standards assessing the quantification of sustainable development impacts.ben-massie

Prior to joining Bluesource, Ben led US sourcing activities and several project development activities for a voluntary market environmental instrument retailer.  He spent several years in sustainability and decision-making consulting, and started his career   working in the environmental and carbon offset groups for a major US energy company.

“Bluesource is thrilled to have both Lizzie and Ben join the company. The added synergy they bring along with their longtime market experience is just going to further the ways Bluesource is able to meet the needs of our clients and the services we will be able to offer” said Kevin Townsend, Chief Commercial Officer.

Since 1996, Bluesource has been creating strategic emissions reduction projects for businesses, non-profits, and other NGO’s. It has deep expertise in carbon capture and storage, forestry, transportation, energy efficiency and food processing along with significant environmental market positions in energy production, ODS, mine methane and energy efficient cook stoves in developing countries.


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