J.B. Hunt

Pursuing Carbon Efficiency in Transportation

J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (Hunt) is one of the largest truckload transportation and logistics companies in North America, with shipping operations that crisscross the continent. Hunt’s corporate culture has always strived for efficiency in its operations; however, Bluesource was able to make the company aware of the opportunity to apply that innovation to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Our team began working with Hunt in 2003, evaluating company activities that were impacting emissions. By developing new methodologies, the Bluesource team enabled the quantification of emission reductions created each year from Hunt’s ongoing initiatives and innovative projects. Also, revenue generated from the sale of GHG emission reductions have been directly used to fund new emission reduction projects for Hunt.

Significant emission reductions were created through Hunt’s strategic shipping change from trucking to intermodal, using rail for the longest distances, while still relying on trucks for the shorter pick-ups and deliveries between terminals. Rail transportation was found to generate only one third of the emissions generated by truck transportation. Hunt also implemented an Idling Bonus Program to monetarily reward drivers and their managers for reducing unnecessary engine idling.

Through its work with Bluesource, the J.B. Hunt corporate culture now views proposed projects and investments in light of their environmental impact and effect on emissions. Hunt has become an industry leader in sustainability and is now a member of the US EPA’s Smartway Transport Partners program.

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