Tolko Biomass Offsets

Generate Offsets from the Use of Biomass

The Tolko Industries Slave Lake OSB Mill site includes two Reciprocating Grate Combustion systems, consisting of two gasifiers that can convert approximately 40,000 bone dry tonnes per year of wood residues into renewable syngas. The produced syngas is used to displace natural gas used at the OSB mill to produce heat for dryers and thermal oil for heating the press, log ponds, building and steam generator.

While this process generates heat that is distributed for multiple uses across the OSB mill, the generated heat was not directly measured – a data gap identified by Bluesource. Through analysis of available data sources and the quantification protocol, a workaround quantification method was developed, which would require Alberta Environment approval to proceed.

Bluesource worked with Tolko to develop a robust solution for the existing data gap and led discussions with Alberta Environment. After many conversations, Alberta Environment provided approval to move forward with the quantification plan.

The project successfully generated 51,151 tonnes CO2e of reductions in 2015, directly reducing GHG emissions by displacing fossil fuel usage with biomass.

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