Genalta Power

Flare-Gas-to-Power Facility

Genalta Power is a power producing company focused on turning unused sources of energy into electricity generation. Examples of projects they have implemented include flare-gas-to-power, waste-heat-to-power, waste-pressure-to-power and biomass-to-power generation.

Since 2013, the Bluesource team has worked with Genalta to create offset credits from flare-gas-to-power projects in the Peace River, Alberta region, based on an initial 8 megawatt (MW) generation capacity. Genalta expanded its flare-gas-to-power projects in 2015 to include a 20 MW facility. However, the gas supplier for the larger facility had an unconfirmed regulatory status due to requirements to conserve or flare the gas, which did not allow the additionality criteria of the project to be confirmed.

Engaging with the regulatory body, Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), our team worked to understand the discrete regulatory requirements placed on the gas supplier and to obtain confirmation of a non-conserving status for the gas supplied to Genalta. The confirmation from AER enabled crediting of the 20 MW facility for the gas supplied from Baytex Energy.

Furthermore, through a concerted engagement with the AER, Bluesource was able to highlight the success story of the Genalta flare-gas-to-power projects in reducing GHG emissions and advancing the flaring/venting reduction goals of the AER. As a result, the AER provided their support for the market-driven actions of Genalta and Baytex and confirmed the regulatory non-conserving status that would satisfy the additionality criteria for the new flare-gas-to-power project.

Offset credits from this larger project boosted revenues for Genalta, allowing them to consider feasibility of future projects of similar nature to further address the environmental issues of flaring and venting of gas.

Since 2013, the Bluesource team has helped Genalta create approximately 10,000 tonnes of CO2e offset credits per year. In 2015, our efforts to engage with the AER to address the additionality criteria of the new Genalta project helped increase the generation of offset credits by seven-fold to 70,000 tonnes of CO2e offset credits per year. This significant boost in revenue is fueling development of additional Genalta projects that reduce flaring and venting of gas and thereby combat climate change through GHG reductions.

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