Recycling Protocol Development

Innovates in Recycling Protocol Development

Over 30 protocols exist in the Alberta Carbon Offset System for quantifying a variety of project emission reductions; innovation is an important aspect of the system. However, a gap existed with respect to emission reductions that occur from recycling. No protocol had been designated to credit this activity.

The Recycling Council of Alberta initiated the development of a Recycling Protocol for end-product manufacturers using recycled feedstock in place of virgin feedstock in the manufacturing process.

Protocol development can be a very time consuming and technical process. Bluesource was engaged to help facilitate the time-consuming and technical process of protocol development and to liaise with Alberta Environment ensuring the protocol was designed in line with proper greenhouse gas accounting principles.

Working directly with the Recycling Council, Bluesource is helping to ensure the protocol is developed in a robust and easy-to-use manner. The protocol will serve as an easy-to-use quantification methodology for Alberta project developers using recycled feedstock for end-product manufacturing. Additionally, we hope it leads to an increased use of recycled content in end-product manufacturing, increasing the potential for positive impact beyond the scope of Alberta.

The robust nature of the protocol allows for a variety of projects to be created, while remaining simple in design with a straightforward burden of proof, potentially resulting in even more widespread benefits through their application.

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