Alberta Health Services


Bluesource was able to aggregate energy savings from all Alberta Health Services (AHS) projects and successfully quantify and serialize offsets, allowing for an additional value-add revenue stream for AHS. The aggregation pool includes 12 Alberta hospitals and medical facilities.  

How? Earlier, AHS implemented multiple energy efficiency projects across various hospitals in the province as part of an energy conservation program. The program led to the direct and indirect reduction of electricity and natural gas consumption, including reductions at the recently opened South Health Campus.

Because energy efficiency projects often generate only a small volume of reductions, offset projects can be difficult to create based on activities undertaken at a single building.

Understanding the nature of energy efficiency projects, Bluesource evaluated the potential to create an aggregation structure for the AHS projects. There were various retrofits performed, so it was important to develop an approach that would encompass them all. Through analysis of the various options, Bluesource developed a multipronged quantification approach that has the ability to include all retrofit project types.

Bluesource successfully created an energy efficiency aggregation pool using two quantification approaches to include all project types for six Alberta hospitals, with additional projects to be included in future years. This included numerous retrofits undertaken at the South Health Campus, allowing additional benefits to be seen from the already efficient building.

Using two different quantification approaches to include all project types, Bluesource successfully created offsets from this project in 2016

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