Having expertise is only the beginning. It’s in our nature to work in community to do that which could only be accomplished by putting our hands to the plow with others.

We’ve become experts in our fields through academics, research, corporate and personal experience. Along the way, we’ve learned that the keys to advisory success include building trust relationships with all stakeholders, managing complex courses with a dead-reckoning focus on objectives, and simultaneously creating unexpected value for our clients. These are not tasks for the novice.

We are passionate about sharing what we’ve learned as seasoned guides in several areas of deep expertise.

Areas of Deep Expertise

Forestry, land-use, oil and gas production, oil refining, wastewater treatment, landfill gas, surface transportation, pipeline transportation, mining, food processing

Technologies & Practiced Skills:
Carbon capture, utilization and storage; commercial and residential solar; mine methane capture; mitigation, sustainability and adaptation actions, logistics

Environmental Markets:
All climate-related markets (ERCs, NOx, SOx, RINs, RECs, MERCs, etc.), all water-land related markets (wetland, stream, species mitigation, nutrient, reclamation, set-asides, etc.)

Energy Markets (Physical & Financial):
Oil, gas, NGLs, refined products and power


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