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In an effort to support animals around the globe, Hermey’s and Bluesource have aligned to bring you a platform to easily support carbon offset projects. Your voluntary contribution to Hermey’s carbon offset program will help fund forest conservation, improved forest management or reforestation projects that produce measurable benefits to the atmosphere while reducing your own carbon footprint. The projects in this program will help reduce or slow the worst consequences of climate change and protect habitats and the natural services they provide.


Hermey’s Habitat for Dentistry was founded to in pursuit of a dream. After years of handcrafting toys for the world’s largest distributor, Hermey dedicated his life to ensure that every animal–big and small–has access to dental care. A 501(c)3 located in the North Pole, Hermey’s Habitat treats all animals with respect and dignity.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Blue Source, LLC is a leader in developing and marketing environmental attribute projects. Bluesource was most recently recognized in the 2019 Environmental Finance Market Rankings as the Best Project Developer in all North American markets and the Best Offset Originator in the California market for the fifth year in a row. (c) 2020 Blue Source, LLC

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