McCloud Forest

CARBON SEQUESTRATION IN CALIFORNIA’S CONIFER FORESTS Located approximately 20 miles southeast of Mount Shasta in Northern California, the McCloud forest covers approximately 9,000 acres of commercial timberlands held under conservation easements granted to The Pacific Forest Trust (PFT). With an over-story dominated by white fir, incense-cedar, ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, and sugar pine, and an under-story […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Sarpy County Landfill

Sarpy County, a county that touches the Omaha, Nebraska metro area footprint, wanted to not only display neighborly concern but also to demonstrate its environmental leadership with the installation of an active landfill gas collection system and flare at the Sarpy County Landfill. Sarpy County Landfill is one of several destinations for refuse originating in […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Go carbon neutral with high quality offsets
Efficient Cookstoves

Far beyond greenhouse gas reductions, efficient cookstove projects create health, environmental and financial benefits for impoverished communities. Three billion people in this world still cook every meal over an open fire. As a result, families are spending vast amounts of time, money, and energy to gather and purchase fuel. Women and children are dying from […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Rockingham Memorial Hospital

Rockingham Memorial Hospital openly embraces a practice most medical centers would cringe over: The hospital uses waste to clean its surgical utensils and to sterilize its equipment. Of course this isn’t waste in the traditional sense, it’s the utilization of waste gas from the nearby Rockingham County Landfill in the Hospital’s boilers to produce the […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Working Woodlands

The Problem To encourage private landowners to forgo aggressive timber harvesting, there must be a strong incentive to participate in the Working Woodlands. The Solution Bluesource’s quantification and marketing expertise combined with TNC’s conservation easement payments allows landowners to receive full FSC certification and planning with no upfront costs, while also receiving income from FSC […]

Case Studies / 26 Mar 2021

Prince Edward Island Energy Corporation

The Problem The environmental attribute market is often difficult to navigate, and the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) marketplace is no exception. The Solution Bluesource has extensive knowledge and experience in transacting and contracting structures for RECs. Bluesource can assist with unique needs and challenges related to navigating the REC marketplace. The Story The environmental attribute […]

Case Studies / 26 Mar 2021

Francis Beidler Forest

The Problem Preserving forests such as the Frances Beidler forest are critical but can be challenging due to the value of timber on these properties. The Solution A conservation easement was placed on the property by the Audubon Society, ensuring the land is protected from commercial harvesting into perpetuity even through management changes. The Francis […]

Case Studies / 26 Mar 2021

Alberta Health Services

The Problem Energy efficiency projects often generate only a small volume of reductions, offset projects can be difficult to create. The Solution Bluesource created a multipronged quantification approach to incorporate various retrofits at all AHS facilities, aggregating energy savings from each and successfully creating offsets. Bluesource’s expertise in energy efficiency and quantification methods enables us […]

Case Studies / 26 Mar 2021

Carroll Grasslands

The Problem Row crop cultivation releases large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere as soil that hosts grasslands contains large amounts of carbon. The Solution Preventing the conversion of grasslands to row-crop agriculture has significant climate implications. Grassland-based emission reductions hold great promise as a tool to mitigate climate change but have been underutilized thus […]

Case Studies / 25 Mar 2021

Carbon Neutral Simplified

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