Big Wild Michigan DNR Forest Carbon Project In 2021, we broke new ground with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Together, we are protecting 100,000 acres of wilderness known as “The Big Wild” in the celebrated Pigeon River Country State Forest. This project was the first in the United States to bring state forest lands into carbon management through sustainable forest […]

Case Studies / 27 Apr 2022

Val Verde

EMISSION REDUCTIONS AS ECONOMIC TOOL Industrial CO2 Vent-Stack Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) At one time, four natural gas processing plants in West Texas were venting over 100 million cubic feet of CO2 per day (2 million tonnes per year) into the atmosphere. In the mid-1970s, the industrial CO2 was gathered by a Pennzoil pipeline. […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Refrigerant Management

OZONE DEPLETING SUBSTANCE DESTRUCTION Bluesource overcame challenging methodological requirements to allow two additional years of crediting for RMC’s Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) destruction project. RMC’s project of ensuring the proper collection and safe disposal of ozone depleting substances (ODS) in Canada is a voluntary effort to reduce ODS emissions. RMC administers the single largest ODS […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Grand Junction

WASTEWATER BIOGAS TO VEHICLE FUEL Renewable Fuel Project Generates RIN Market Revenue The City of Grand Junction proactively pursued turning a waste product (biogas) into transportation fuel that powers city vehicles (e.g. trash trucks, street sweepers, regional transit vehicles). Biogas from the city’s Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant is captured, purified, conditioned and introduced into a […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Bishop Forest Project

LARGE SCALE COMPLIANCE FOREST CARBON Groundbreaking Compliance Market Forest Carbon Project Implemented on Over 200,000 Acres The Bluesource – Bishop Improved Forest Management Project (Bishop) marked a rare opportunity – to be the first compliance project ever successfully conducted on land owned by a Timber Investment Management Organization (TIMO). Conducted on over 200,000 acres of […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

J.B. Hunt

PURSUING CARBON EFFICIENCY IN TRANSPORTATION J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (Hunt) is one of the largest truckload transportation and logistics companies in North America, with shipping operations that crisscross the continent. Hunt’s corporate culture has always strived for efficiency in its operations; however, Bluesource was able to make the company aware of the opportunity to […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Recycling Protocol Development

INNOVATIONS IN RECYCLING PROTOCOL DEVELOPMENT Over 30 protocols exist in the Alberta Carbon Offset System for quantifying a variety of project emission reductions; innovation is an important aspect of the system. However, a gap existed with respect to emission reductions that occur from recycling. No protocol had been designated to credit this activity. The Recycling […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Family Run Farming

BIG SAVINGS FOR FARMING IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO The Tiessen family operates greenhouses on farms throughout southern Ontario, growing produce for Canadian and US markets. Running greenhouses year-round, especially in a cold climate, creates high heating demand, a need historically been met by fossil-fuel-fired boilers. The high cost and carbon pollution related to fossil-fuel-based boiler operations […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Tolko Biomass Offsets

GENERATE OFFSETS FROM THE USE OF BIOMASS The Tolko Industries Slave Lake OSB Mill site includes two Reciprocating Grate Combustion systems, consisting of two gasifiers that can convert approximately 40,000 bone dry tonnes per year of wood residues into renewable syngas. The produced syngas is used to displace natural gas used at the OSB mill […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

Goodman Forestry Project

BALANCE OF HARDWOOD TIMBER MANAGEMENT & CARBON SEQUESTRATION Managed by Forest Investment Associates (FIA) and located on ~28,000 acres of mixed hardwood and conifer bog forest in northern Wisconsin, the Goodman project exemplifies how carbon offset generation and timber management can work hand-in-hand. While the Project Area continues to be managed as a working forest, […]

Case Studies / 13 Apr 2021

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