Criteria for Voluntary Carbon Offset Purchases: Standard

When contemplating an offset purchase, buyers should look at the standard used by the project. Reputable standards use robust criteria to ensure quality.

Blog / 01 Jan 2021

World Environment Day 2020

It’s #timefornature

Blog / 05 Jun 2020

Celebrating Jamie MacKinnon’s Hard Work

This post is part of a series honoring the spirit of adventure and courage in Bluesource employees. We are proud to celebrate the experiences of our staff that model for us an incredible drive and perseverance. On May 11, 2019 Jamie MacKinnon, Vice President, graduated from Vermont Law School with a Masters of Environmental Law […]

Blog / 13 Jun 2019

Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement: An Un-American Tactic

Over the last 20 years, Bluesource has been a pioneer and leader in environmental markets. Along the way, we’ve occupied a front-row seat as America’s politicians have alternatively embraced and rejected climate science and consequences, occasionally advocating and opposing widely divergent positions within a matter of weeks.  We have observed mainstream America struggling with conflicting […]

Blog / 12 Jun 2017

Roger Williams Conducts A ‘Post Mortem’ of the Recent Senate Debate on the US Climate Security Act

July 7, 2008 The US climate security act spluttered to a halt on 4 June after receiving only 48 of the 60 votes necessary to stay alive during a brief two-day debate in the Senate. What happened and what can we learn for future US climate policy? Though the planet continues to get warmer, US […]

Blog / 07 Jul 2008

Carbon Neutral Simplified

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