Sarpy County Landfill

Sarpy County, a county that touches the Omaha, Nebraska metro area footprint, wanted to not only display neighborly concern but also to demonstrate its environmental leadership with the installation of an active landfill gas collection system and flare at the Sarpy County Landfill.

Sarpy County Landfill is one of several destinations for refuse originating in the Omaha metro and surrounding areas. When the organic matter in this waste stream anaerobically decomposes, it produces a methane-rich gas stream (about 50% methane, 50% carbon dioxide) that seeps from the ground and has both negative environmental and sensory effects (it smells really bad.) When effectively captured, this gas can be used to generate electricity and direct thermal energy, can be injected into the natural gas grid or even used as a vehicle fuel. As a non-commercial benefit, the air quality at the site improves dramatically.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, Sarpy County partnered to develop and install 25 landfill gas extraction wells in December, 2010. The gas collected from the approximate 34 acres of landfill is directed to the onsite 1,600 scfm-capacity utility flare where it is destroyed. The collection system is slated to be expanded into additional areas of the landfill once they reach final grade (anticipated in 2013.)

Current and future gas production make this project a viable candidate for a beneficial use project to be constructed on site in the future. Without the strategic involvement of the Bluesource team in the creation, registration  production and marketing of the carbon credits, this project would not have been possible.

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