Grand Junction

Renewable Fuel Project Generates RIN Market Revenue

The City of Grand Junction proactively pursued turning a waste product (biogas) into transportation fuel that powers city vehicles (e.g. trash trucks, street sweepers, regional transit vehicles). Biogas from the city’s Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant is captured, purified, conditioned and introduced into a private, dedicated six-mile pipeline to the city’s compressed natural gas (CNG) facility to be dispensed from its fast fuel station and 20 slow fill stations.

Bluesource assisted the City of Grand Junction in registering the project with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This involved performing a third-party engineering review of the project and compiling all documentation needed to meet all of the EPA’s requirements.

After successfully completing the EPA’s registration process, the project began generating Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), which provide revenue for the city and enable a quicker payback period than planned. RIN revenue also represents additional funds to convert more vehicles to use environmentally friendly, renewable natural gas.

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