20 Years of Groundbreaking Projects

May 7, 2021

Today, Bluesource celebrates its 20th birthday. Over the last two decades, we’ve led the markets as a pioneer and visionary. We have developed innovative, first-of-their-kind projects and deals that creatively reduce or avoid emissions for our clients. We helped create the voluntary emissions reductions market and continue to support strengthening the standards that govern it. From shepherding first-time project types through the verification and registration process to protocol development, we have had a front-row seat to many historic and foundational pieces of the ever-evolving carbon market journey.

Below are our “firsts” and achievements in 20 years.

1st Canada-US carbon transaction
May 7, 2001
Bluesource is officially formed
1st digital carbon transaction on CO2E.com
2006 ACR
1st Carbon Capture and Sequestration project
1st to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for emissions reductions project development
2009 VCS
1st VCUs to be issued in the US using the world’s most recognized standard
2010 CAR
1st Avoided Forest Conversion project
2010 CAR
1st and only soil carbon quantification and verification
2014 VCS
1st Improved Forest Management project in the US
2016 CAR
1st full-scale Avoided Grassland Conversion project
2018 ACR
1st aggregated forestry project, created by three cities
1st co-mingled negative dairy pathway
2019 ACR
1st voluntary market forestry project in Alaska
2021 ACR
1st Renewable Thermal Credit transaction

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