FAQ Series: Nature-based Solutions

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Blog / 27 Mar 2022

Carbon offsets originated as a way to address emissions where direct reductions are not feasible
Bruce Power launches Carbon Offset Accelerator Fund to achieve Net Zero by 2027

Bluesource partners with Bruce Power to establish critical emissions reduction and offset projects.

Press Releases / 15 Nov 2021

bulldozer at biomass facility
SusGlobal Partners with Bluesource to Develop Carbon Credits for Organic Waste Processing

Revenue is anticipated to drive technological advancements that will expand composting efforts in their facility and in the province of Ontario.

Press Releases / 03 Nov 2021

New Carbon Offset Initiative Announced in Maritime Industry

Collaboration between Charles R. Weber Company and Bluesource to help address current unavoidable shipping emissions

Press Releases / 14 Oct 2021

U.S. $500 mln joint venture aims to curb climate change with forest investments

Reuters reports on the Bluesource Sustainable Forests Company joint venture with Oak Hill Advisors.

News / 13 Oct 2021

Wall Street Firm Makes Wager on Carbon-Offset Forests

WSJ reports on the joint venture between Oak Hill Advisors and Bluesource to buy $500 million worth of woodlands to generate carbon offsets

News / 13 Oct 2021

Bluesource and Oak Hill Advisors Launch $500 Million Joint Venture

Bluesource and Oak Hill Advisors launch $500 million joint venture to purchase forest lands for carbon projects

Press Releases / 12 Oct 2021

Bluesource Partners with the State of Michigan and DTE Energy on the First Carbon Offset Program in the U.S. on State Forest Lands

Project demonstrates Growing Interest in Responsible Forest Management from State Agencies and Utilities

Press Releases / 25 Aug 2021

Carbon Offset Deal Helps Michigan Cash In on Its Trees—by Not Cutting Them Down

The Wall Street Journal reports on Bluesource’s project with Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and the funding we facilitated through DTE.

News / 18 Aug 2021

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