COP26 Updates to Article 6 Explained

Bluesource Chief of Advisory Services, Janet Peace, walks through the recent updates to Article 6 and what it means for the international carbon market.

Blog / 29 Nov 2021

May 2021

Check out our May 7, 2021 newsletter to read the lessons we’ve learned in the carbon markets and what they mean for today.

Newsletters / 14 May 2021

forest carbon is a nature-based solution essential to fight climate change
Our Pledge and Why We Committed to This Movement

On May 7, we announced our commitment to the World Economic Forum’s One Trillion Trees Initiative. We discuss the role of nature-based solutions in the fight against climate change and why we believe in the mission of

Blog / 10 May 2021

20 Years of Groundbreaking Projects

Over the last two decades, we’ve seen the markets grow, change, respond, and flourish. We’ve had a front-row-seat to many innovations and have embraced our opportunity to pioneer climate solutions. As we reflected over our history, we put together a list of landmark “firsts” that made us who we are today.

Blog / 07 May 2021

March 2021

Will Offsets Sold Across Borders Have Value in A Paris-Aligned World? The Current Challenge and Ways to Mitigate Risk for Buyers + the Bluesource Blog and Bluesource News

Newsletters / 25 Mar 2021

March 2020

Five Massive Drivers for Future Demands of Offsets + Bluesource wins Best Project Developer, our upcoming CORSIA webinar, and more.

Newsletters / 31 Mar 2020

Want To Understand Carbon Credits? Read This

We are honored to be featured by Forbes’ Erik Kobayashi-Solomon as a leader in carbon markets. We are dedicated to continuing our leadership and growth and expanding the overall creativity and capacity of these markets.

News / 13 Mar 2020

Civilization’s Most Important Financial Market

A recent article from Forbes’ Erik Kobayashi-Solomon highlights carbon markets. Bluesource’s Ben Massie and Lizzie Aldrich worked with Kobayashi-Solomon to bring our expertise to the article.

News / 06 Mar 2020

The Premier Technology for Sequestering Carbon

Our Middlebury College project was featured in a Forbes article by Erik Kobayashi-Solomon about carbon sequestration.

News / 23 Jan 2020

December 2019

More Important Than You Thought: why emission reductions from HFC projects are vital in the fight against climate change + a sweet GIF, COP 25, and a YouTube movement featuring Bluesource.

Newsletters / 19 Dec 2019

Carbon Neutral Simplified

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