social media carbon intensity
The Carbon Intensity of Social Media

Social media can be intense in a lot of ways. Andre looks at the carbon intensity in particular.

Blog / 26 Aug 2021

Bluesource Partners with the State of Michigan and DTE Energy on the First Carbon Offset Program in the U.S. on State Forest Lands

Project demonstrates Growing Interest in Responsible Forest Management from State Agencies and Utilities

Press Releases / 25 Aug 2021

The Colors of Hydrogen

Lucy talks us through the rainbow of hydrogen and explains the future of this essential gas in the energy sector.

Blog / 19 Aug 2021

Carbon Offset Deal Helps Michigan Cash In on Its Trees—by Not Cutting Them Down

The Wall Street Journal reports on Bluesource’s project with Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources and the funding we facilitated through DTE.

News / 18 Aug 2021

Is “Paying to Pollute” really a bad thing?

If you’ve been around environmental markets for a while, or even if you’ve just been reading some articles on the subject lately, you may have seen companies that have purchased carbon offsets criticized for “paying to pollute.”  The implication of that phrase is that the company has simply bought its way out of bad behavior, […]

Blog / 05 Aug 2021

Carbon Neutral Simplified

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