We strive to improve the world by improving the environment. Collectively and individually, we have great expectations about the future; we are optimists. Although we embrace the reality that positive change requires significant effort and commitment, we genuinely believe we can and will make a better world.


By 2025 we desire to:

  • Provide new and innovative products and services each year that lower the cost and improve the effectiveness of positive environmental change.
  • Be a catalyst for environmental stewardship through our actions and our interactions with clients and strategic partners. We want to see all companies we work with place higher value on the environment in their corporate cultures by changing the way they do business.
  • See our climate-related projects reduce 500,000,000 tCO2e, aiding in limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5 °C.
  • Contribute our time and financial resources to at least one initiative per year that restores or preserves future generations’ enjoyment of the outdoors as currently threatened by environmental degradation.
  • Consistently increase our company’s sustainable competitive advantage and grow our stakeholder value.


At Bluesource, we are proud of our diverse group of individuals from many cultures, backgrounds and worldviews.

Together, our team is united in its passion for environmental stewardship, integrity, relationships, professional conduct, living for something greater than ourselves and making a lasting impact on our local and global communities.

Together, we embrace creativity and strong work ethic while fostering a culture of collaboration and accountability.

In the marketplace, we value transparency and candor and seek to treat our clients and competitors as we would ourselves.

We’re also aware that all are fallible, and we strive to be both solution-oriented and gracious when we fall.

These ideas are at the forefront of our actions, and we trust that you will find them evident in your business dealings with us.