Eric Townsend CEO |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Roger Williams President |  San Francisco, California

Yvan Champagne President, Bluesource Canada |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kevin Townsend Chief Commercial Officer |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Matt Harmer VP & General Counsel |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Bill Townsend Chairman/Chief Strategy Officer |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Will Overly VP, Carbon Projects |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Josh Strauss VP |  San Francisco, California

Ben Parkhurst Director, Technical Services |  San Francisco, California

Liz Lott Director, Forest Carbon Projects |  San Francisco, California

Tooraj Moulai Engineer, Carbon Services |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jessica Mitchell Carbon Services Project Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kelly Parker Carbon Services Project Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Aleena Dewji Carbon Services Project Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jonathan Smith Sales and Sourcing Manager |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jennifer Stirling Controller |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Ginger Martinson Office Manager |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Chief Executive Officer

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Eric.

Serving as its CEO, Eric Townsend joined Blue Source in 2007 and is based in the outdoor playground of Salt Lake City, Utah. Eric directs a range of Company activities including corporate strategy and implementation, finance and operations, and leads Blue Source's mine methane destruction business. Prior to joining Bluesource, Eric was President of Landvoice Corporation and has held multiple roles at University Venture Funds and Morgan Stanley.

Eric believes in the Biblical concept of responsible stewardship of the earth, including the repair and restoration of our climate, physical environment and natural resources. Whether it be paragliding, climbing in the mountains, leading whitewater trips or just flying a kite with his daughter, experiencing the outdoor wonders of our world reinforces Eric’s commitment to working for the preservation of our wild places and making Bluesource a material contributor in our global climate-recovery efforts.

Eric received an MBA from the University of Utah and a BS in Sales Management from Purdue University.


San Francisco, California

Meet Roger.

As President, Roger’s responsibilities include corporate strategy, development of new business lines, and managing the identification and development of projects that create environmental benefits. He is a pioneer in environmental market design and implementation, environmental finance and is a frequent speaker and advisor on these topics.

Prior to joining Bluesource, Roger held management and business development positions at World Water & Power Corp., Kirell Energy Systems, ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection Campaign and Cantor CO2e. He also served as Chairman of the Carbon Offset Provider Coalition. He has extensive international sustainable development experience, having served as an agroforestry Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala. He holds a BA in Political Science from Duke University and a Masters in Industrial Environmental Management from Yale University.

President, Bluesource Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Yvan.

As President of Bluesource Canada, Yvan is responsible for delivering results for and overseeing the development of strong relationships with our growing roster of clients and strategic partners. He oversees our robust Canadian team delivering value to our clients across the country and across our broad service offering including advisory work, GHG quantification and reporting, project identification, sourcing, financing, and environmental attribute marketing, sales and delivery. An skilled builder and innovator across multiple sectors, his background includes experience in consumer packaged goods (Coca-Cola Enterprises), technology (Blast Radius) and environmental markets (Summerhill Group).

Yvan earned a B.A. in Political Science from Yale University with a focus on environmental policy and business-government relations, including graduate-level forestry studies in the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. A graduate of the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA Program, Yvan is also national co-chair of the Canadian Working Group for IETA (International Emissions Trading Association) and a member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce’s Environment and Natural Resources Committee. Outside of work, Yvan in an avid hockey player, cyclist, skier and triathlete.

Chief Commercial Officer

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Kevin.

As Chief Commercial Officer, Kevin leads Bluesource's sales and marketing efforts through development of strategic marketing initiatives. His responsibilities include structuring offset purchases and designing environmental attribute portfolios for a wide array of buyer types. Kevin also devotes time to expanding the project portfolio through sourcing efforts in the wastewater treatment, organic digestion and industrial gas sectors.

Adventures in faith and the great outdoors alongside family and friends are Kevin’s heartbeat.  These deep passions, rooted in the Bible, overlap and manifest themselves through relationships, backcountry skiing, exploring economic solutions to poverty, mountain biking, serving, climbing and kayaking to name a few.  Kevin believes we have a responsibility to care for the earth and its inhabitants, fueling his excitement for environmental markets and the global impact they are having on current and future generations.

Kevin holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Westminster College.

Vice President & General Counsel

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Matt.

As Vice President & General Counsel, Matt brings to Bluesource his broad experience in transactional, financing, litigation, securities, and other matters, including private equity investments, lines of credit, fund formation, and “going private” transactions with valuations up to $350 million. As general counsel, Matt spearheaded a number of strategic initiatives and assisted with numerous transactions relating to the development and sale of greenhouse gas offsets and the development and financing of carbon and methane management projects.

Matt is a former shareholder at Parsons Behle & Latimer, one of the Intermountain West’s oldest and most respected law firms, and has extensive in-house experience with both public and private companies including Tabula Rasa Partners, Sony Electronics Inc., 1-800 CONTACTS and Iomega Corporation. He is admitted to practice in both Utah and California.

Chairman / Chief Strategy Officer

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Bill.

As CSO, Bill leads the Company in fulfilling its Vision and Mission through execution of the Company’s Strategic Plan. In addition, Bill is responsible for leadership and resource development. As Chairman of the Board of Bluesource and co-founder of the Company, Bill leads and resources the Board.

Bill is the founder or co-founder of 27 companies in energy, chemicals, publishing, consulting, finance and environment. Through a privately-held investment fund, 17 other start-ups in the not-for and for profit space of faith, culture and character have been launched or nourished.

“There are elements in my life that continue to stun me with their beauty and hope: deep friendships and long lived loves, hard fought and lost battles, the mystery of faith, undiscovered kindness and divine mercy and grace.”

Vice President of Business Development, Carbon Projects

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Will.

As Vice President of Business Development, Will is responsible for managing Blue Source's methane project portfolio (landfill gas, coal mine, wastewater), assisting the ODS and transportation offset portfolio as well as sourcing and developing new carbon offset and RIN projects. He has successfully registered more than five million of emission credits on both Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) registries. Will is a member of EPA’s LMOP and SWANA where he’s taken continuing education classes to stay abreast of the dynamic landfill methane market.

Prior to joining Blue Source, Will worked as an Energy Business Specialist, which involved developing and coordinating biogas/landfill gas to beneficial use projects, conducting research and documenting developments on biogas and the role of policy. In this capacity, Will also worked on transportation, energy efficiency and enhanced oil recovery policy and technology demonstration projects. He received his MBA with an emphasis in finance, BS in Agriculture and BS in Business from Kansas State University.

Vice President

San Francisco, California

Meet Josh.

Joshua Strauss is a forest carbon specialist whose primary responsibilities consist of the sourcing, analysis, and development of Improved Forest Management, Afforestation, and Avoided Conversion carbon offset projects. Joshua manages Blue Source’s forest project implementation team, overseeing all aspects of project development, from initial contracting to the ultimate issuance of offset credits. Throughout this process Joshua liaises with clients, directs Blue Source’s technical staff, supervises third party contractors, and coordinates with carbon registry administrators. Joshua is experienced in forest mensuration and geospatial analysis, has a degree accredited by the Society of American Foresters, and has passed the CA Air Resources Board’s Forest Verifier examination. A Doris Duke Conservation Fellow and Tinker Foundation Grant recipient, Joshua holds a BA from the University of California Santa Barbara and Master’s degrees in Forestry and Environmental Management from Duke University.

Director, Technical Services

San Francisco, California

Meet Ben.

Ben Parkhurst leads the technical aspects of many projects for Blue Source, providing quantitative analysis of carbon and environmental benefits through every stage of project evaluation, implementation, validation, verification, and monitoring. Ben’s technical expertise includes inventory/ sampling design, carbon stock estimation, habitat quantification, growth and yield modeling, map development, GIS analysis, and remote sensing. He is responsible for mapping, classifying, and stratifying project areas with ArcGIS; analyzing and summarizing inventory data; modeling future scenarios; analyzing the environmental and financial costs and benefits of different scenarios; and using optimization software to maximize environmental benefits and revenues. He is proficient with many geospatial, statistical, and forest modeling software packages including ArcGIS, ENVI, Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS), STATA, R, Excel, Access, and others. Ben obtained his Master’s Degrees in Forestry (MF) and Environmental Management (MEM) at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, a Society of American Foresters-accredited master’s program.

Director, Forest Carbon Projects

San Francisco, California

Meet Liz.

Liz Lott is a forest carbon specialist working to implement carbon projects with the forestry team in the San Francisco office. Liz is proficient in conducting financial feasibility and carbon volume assessments, data management, soil analyses, and modeling forest growth and yield. Additionally, as a part of Blue Source’s technical services and project development team, she conducts due diligence, leads on spatial modelling, and evaluates forest inventory data from forests across the United States and Canada. Prior to working at Blue Source, Liz worked at The Nature Conservancy to build support and capacity for the Arizona chapter, and has further experience working with land trusts to promote sustainable forest management activities and quantifying environmental services. Liz holds a BS in Biology & History from Furman University as well as a Master of Environmental Management and Master of Forestry from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.

Engineer, Carbon Services

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Tooraj.

As a Professional Engineer in Carbon Services, Tooraj works on quantifying a variety of offset projects in the areas of Acid Gas Injection, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Waste Heat Recovery, Micro-Cogeneration and Ozone Depleting Substances. He also has experience in analysis of regulatory and market conditions for the development of a biofuels facility and the fuel-switching initiatives of drilling rigs in Alberta. This analysis has involved submitting detailed letters to the AESRD requesting regulatory amendments and approvals. In addition, Tooraj has worked on a grant application for the CCEMC on heavy oil production technologies.

Prior to joining Bluesource, Tooraj was enrolled in an interdisciplinary Master of Science program in Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) at the University of Calgary. In this broadly focused program, he studied carbon offsetting, renewable and non-renewable energy development, environmental regulation/management and land/air/water pollution. His capstone project is on the current state of Alberta’s carbon emissions regulation and opportunities for its advancement. Tooraj has more than four years of engineering experience as a team lead, field engineer and a software engineer. In addition, he has several years of experience in the real estate industry.

Carbon Services Project Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Jessica.

As Carbon Services Project Analyst, Jessica works to develop and quantify a number of offset projects including: anaerobic wastewater treatment, energy efficiency, wind power, biogas, biomass gasification, solution gas conservation, and electrification. On the consulting side, Jessica has worked with an Alberta Municipality to complete both corporate and community GHG inventories and conducted a feasibility study for the same city’s composting project at the municipal landfill. She has completed policy and data analysis for the Alberta Electricity Emissions Trading Program to outline options for a large Alberta utility. She completed a similar study for an Alberta municipality.

Jessica’s MSc in Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) has provided her with an interdisciplinary range of knowledge and experience within the energy, environmental and business spheres. Her Masters research was on corporate risk management within the Alberta Emissions Offset System (AEOS). She is currently working with two University of Calgary Professors to publish an article on the potential impacts of political uncertainty within offset systems and how those impacts might be mitigated.

Carbon Services Project Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Kelly.

Kelly Parker joined Bluesource Canada in 2012 and operates out of the Calgary office supporting companies in managing their GHG project portfolios. Kelly’s expertise in carbon analytics spans a range of clean energy applications from renewable power, energy efficiency measures, and progressive waste solutions for oil and gas, industrial, and public and private sectors.

She is experienced in the B.C. Climate Investment Branch offset system, Alberta Emissions Offset Regulation, and the CSA Clean Projects Registry, and works with verification teams in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Colorado to successfully bring forth greenhouse gas offset projects. In addition to her traditional carbon quantification role, Kelly has performed several market analytics on the optimal pathways to several North American carbon markets and business development opportunities for emerging technologies.

Kelly has also supported Alberta large final emitters in their annual provincial and federal emissions reporting responsibilities and with multiple project grant applications to the Climate Change Emission Management Corporation. Kelly is registered as an E.I.T. with APEGA, and is an Environmental Professional trainee through the ECO Canada program. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University with focus in environmental technologies.

Carbon Services Project Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Aleena.

As Carbon Services Project Analyst, Aleena has worked on various offset quantification and project development assignments, including biofuels production from an ethanol plant, manufacturing using recycled materials and innovative techniques for road rehabilitation. She brings experience in the sustainability and environmental field obtained though her engineering internship placement. Her previous experience with the University of Calgary’s Office of Sustainability includes: GHG quantification, sustainability reporting, energy efficiency analysis and data modeling.

Aleena graduated from the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Calgary and is registered as an EIT with APEGA. She focused on environmental engineering in areas including alternative energy systems and her capstone project centered on sustainable commuting.

Sales and Sourcing Manager

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Jonathan.

As Sourcing and Sales Manager, Jonathan is involved with project sourcing and offset sales for the Canadian carbon market and brings a range of professional and educational experience to the Bluesource team. He has worked in an accounting and finance capacity for a variety of Canadian based oil and gas organizations and has over two years of oil field service experience with a majority of that time focused on heavy oil and SAGD operations. He has worked on a variety of energy efficiency projects ranging from low-income residential programs to larger scale commercial programs. Jonathan has project management experience while working for a not-for-profit energy efficiency organization that focused on a combined waste reduction and educational program.

Jonathan recently completed his Master of Resource of Environmental Management at Dalhousie University, where he specialized in community-based social marketing as it relates to energy efficiency as well as biomass-to-energy processes, including combined heat and power and district heating. Additionally, he has a BBA from Bishop’s University with a concentration in finance and economics and a Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering degree from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Jennifer.

As the Controller of Blue Source, LLC, Jennifer is responsible for complete and accurate monthly financial statements for both the US and Canadian companies. She has been with Blue Source for 8 years and has over 15 years of accounting experience. Jennifer supports the CEO and senior management by leading day to day accounting procedures. She also prepares consolidated monthly financials, prepares and assists with the annual financial audit, and prepares US and Canadian taxes for finalization. Prior to joining Blue Source, Jennifer was the Revenue Accountant for Tandem Labs, a bioanalytical and immunoanalytical contract research organization. In her spare time Jennifer enjoys cooking for her family, camping with her husband and two sons, playing with her three dogs, and crafting with her friends.

Office Manager

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Ginger.

Ginger has been the Office Manager for Blue Source for over 9 years, in the Salt Lake City, UT office. She is responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day operations run smoothly. Ginger has 20 years of experience in office administration, management, travel and corporate events planning. Prior to joining Blue Source, she was a Team Leader for American Express Travel and Managed the Travel Office for the US Ski and Snowboarding Teams. In her spare time, she enjoys renovating her post war cottage home, reading, and playing with her puppy Macy.


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