The Paradigm Project

In 2009, our founders began considering next steps in our social and environmental development and in our philosophy to engage a world needing change. During a trip to Africa, co-founder Greg Spencer was profoundly transformed by the expanse and severity of the continent’s stark poverty. He began to consider how best to engage our environmental market skills toward poverty abatement.Under Greg’s leadership and partnership with marketing and branding professional Neil Bellefeuille, we began a business model which had promise in addressing economic, environmental and social issues surrounding extreme poverty. The Paradigm Project (“Paradigm”) was launched soon thereafter.

Today, Paradigm operates as a successful retail distribution organization in East Africa, providing products, services and opportunities that address basic human needs, and it does so on financial terms that allow the poorest markets of Africa to participate.

In one example, Paradigm leverages and monetizes the environmental benefits of reducing home cooking-related pollution to lower the cost of energy and food to African families.