The Paradigm Project

Since its inception, Bluesource has worked to create social and environmental change in the world. In 2008, our co-founder Greg Spencer expanded on our experience in environmental markets to create a vision that tackles poverty at its core.

Together with Neil Bellefeuille, he worked to build a scalable and sustainable business model that serves local family needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Paradigm Project launched in Kenya in 2008. Since then, it has established an efficient stove supply chain that includes local sales and repair people, trainers and warranty service.

Today, Paradigm operates as a successful retail distribution organization in several countries in East Africa, providing products, services and opportunities that address basic human needs, and it does so on financial terms that allow even the poorest markets to participate. In 2019, Paradigm became one of the first projects to have independently-verified sustainable development impacts.

Paradigm carbon offsets are available for purchase through Bluesource.