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Carbon Sequestration in California’s Conifer Forests

Bluesource collaborated with Campbell Global and the Pacific Forest Trust to transition the McCloud River Improved Forest Management project’s (McCloud) Climate Action Reserve (CAR) voluntary credits to the California Air Resources Board (ARB) compliance program.

Located approximately 20 miles southeast of Mount Shasta in Northern California, the McCloud forest covers approximately 9,000 acres of commercial timberlands held under conservation easements granted to The Pacific Forest Trust (PFT). Over the ARB early action period, the project has produced nearly a quarter million compliance-eligible credits, the first batch of which have been, successfully shepherded through the ARB review and issuance process by Bluesource with the remainder on its way.

With an over-story dominated by white fir, incense-cedar, ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, and sugar pine, and an under-story of dogwood, hazel, whitethorn, and golden chinquapin, McCloud is a vibrant example of North-Central California’s mixed conifer forest. The forest provides habitat for a rich variety of fauna including mule deer, white-tailed deer, bobcat, cougar, badger, McCloud River red band trout, and a large population of black bear. The conservation easement, coupled with the commitments associated with the carbon project, ensure that this unique ecosystem will be preserved in perpetuity.

Ultimately, the environmental benefits of the McCloud project go well beyond climate protection through carbon sequestration. By implementing the easement and carbon protocol standards for sustainable timber harvesting, the project serves to promote the maintenance of species diversity, prevention of erosion, improvement of water quality, and safeguarding of natural landscape aesthetics.

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