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Balance of Hardwood Timber Management & Carbon Sequestration

Managed by Forest Investment Associates (FIA) and located on ~28,000 acres of mixed hardwood and conifer bog forest in northern Wisconsin, the Goodman project exemplifies how carbon offset generation and timber management can work hand-in-hand. While the Project Area continues to be managed as a working forest, the sustainable harvest practices employed on the property will ensure that harvesting does not exceed annual growth, thereby sequestering carbon and maintaining high carbon stocks well into the future.

The Goodman project completed its initial verification in August 2015 and was issued nearly 700,000 ARBOCs, all of which were pre-sold to major compliance market participants.

Similar to the Bishop project, the Goodman forest provides habitat to a wide variety of rare and charismatic Great Lakes species including black bears, wolves, cougar, bobcats, osprey and bald-eagles. By committing to maintain high carbon stocking levels now and into the future, the Goodman project serves to protect the ecosystem and wildlife in tandem with carbon credit generation.

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