Air Liquide ScotfordStreamline Reporting & Mitigates Regulatory Risks


Bluesource completed its fourth year of management of the SGER, NOx and GHGRP reporting for Scotford facility.

The Air Liquide Scotford (ALS) facility is required to submit annual greenhouse gas reports to meet both provincial and federal reporting requirements. Seeing an opportunity to assist where natural data overlaps existed in information and reporting requirements, Bluesource worked to help ALS navigate through the third-party requirements, ultimately recommending industry-recognized, expert companies for ALS to consider.

To begin, Bluesource provided expertise on data flow and information management to the key process parameters related to ALS’s greenhouse gas emissions profile. Working efficiently with both the verifier and ALS staff, Bluesource helped to facilitate finding answers to all questions regarding the annual emission calculations.

Now, thanks to Bluesource’s active management approach, ALS has found renewed confidence in their calculated emission intensity and can more accurately project the volume and emission requirements year to year.

In addition to helping with annual reporting requirements, Bluesource also provides support throughout the year as the provincial and federal government release both program updates and changes to system requirements. By choosing Bluesource, ALS helped mitigate their risk in the ever-dynamic greenhouse gas regulatory environment.