AltaGasEnhanced Methodology for Acid Gas Injection Projects


Using a model to simulate baseline parameters, Bluesource improved the accuracy and volume of GHG reductions for AltaGas.

AltaGas is an energy infrastructure company with a diversified mix of assets in gas, utility and power. After two of AltaGas’s gas processing plants, Turin and Bantry, implemented an acid gas injection (AGI) program, our team began working with AltaGas to create offsets from the AGI projects, beginning in 2005.

In 2013, our team discovered how a simulation model for the sulfur recovery process used in the baseline of the projects can enhance the accuracy of the emissions reductions calculations. By applying this new methodology, Bluesource was able to increase the total combined GHG reductions by 30 percent.

Significant research and resources went into the study of the simulation model. Using engineering and scientific principles, the team ultimately validated the accuracy of the model. Also, the data and evidence were supplied to the verifier to successfully complete the third-party verification for three consecutive verifications with two separate independent verification companies.

The solution involved clearly understanding the science behind the use of the simulation model and providing the necessary evidence in the project documents and reports to successfully complete verification.

Successful implementation of this methodology created an additional 30 percent in value for AltaGas, with a net increase of 27,000 tonnes of CO2e reductions per year