Land-Based Mitigation

Land is constantly being altered by man made activity. Bluesource has been a pioneer in the effort to mitigate these effects on our planet. Today there are various ways landowners can be rewarded for improved environmental stewardship.

Climate/carbon markets

Wetland, stream and species mitigation markets

Water quality and nutrient mitigation markets

 Conservation easement payments and associated tax benefits

These markets and opportunities are trending upwards as evidenced by President Obama’s 2015 memorandum requiring many federal agencies to set a goal for ‘no net loss’ for natural resources that are important, scarce or sensitive. This creates new and expanded opportunities for landowners to engage and enter markets to receive payments for ecosystem services.

Accessing these markets, however, can be like working your way through a complicated tax return. Anyone can theoretically do it but it may be incredibly inefficient and costly if you do not have the expertise needed at various points along the way. At Bluesource, we have the skills and experience to expertly guide you through the process of deriving value through payments for ecosystem services. This process often involves these basic steps:

  1. Up-front assessment of potential value generated by participating in different markets for environmental benefits.
  2. Finance the development of the credits/environmental benefits if there is a viable path to market.
  3. Provide the technical expertise to ensure value will be generated and delivered.
  4. Use our extensive network of buyers and our marketing expertise to find the best home for the credits/benefits that are generated.

We take a holistic view towards these markets and work with landowners to find the best match between a land-owners short, medium and long term goals and how these goals fit within one or several of the markets are engaged in.

Want us to be more specific? Take a look at the forest carbon market.  We were early movers and current leaders in developing projects that value the carbon sequestered in our forests.  Through these sustained efforts we are starting to see a shift in how land managers and owners view the benefits of ‘keeping forest as forest’.  We’ve worked with large conservation organizations to shepherd in a new brand of conservation finance to help fund their conservation objectives. We also work with large timber investors to embrace forest carbon as a revenue stream in their operations. We’ve applied our expertise towards generating tangible results for the clients we work with.