Mitigation Products

Carbon Mitigation Products for Every Need

At Bluesource, we offer an array of mitigation project product types. Because not every mitigation credit suits every purpose, we ensure that our offerings are not only multifaceted and diverse, but also meet stringent criteria for standard, project type, additionality, public registration and third-party verification. Learn more about these attributes in Carbon Mitigation 101, or view the different types of Carbon Mitigation Projects we offer here.

Below are common areas of interest. Interested in a mitigation product or purpose not shown? We want to help, so contact us today.

California Compliance

On January 1, 2013 California’s cap and trade program for greenhouse gases, as part of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32), began its first compliance period. We have successfully sold a variety of mitigation credit product types for the program under a range of contractual structures to both compliance entities and financial intermediaries.

Among the product we provide are:

  • California Compliance Offsets (CCOs), ARB Offset Credits (ARBOCs)
  • 3-year invalidation risk
  • 8-year invalidation risk
  • Alternative invalidation risk structuring
  • Early Action Offset Credits (AEOCs), Early Action CRTs®
  • Qualifying Climate Reserve Tonnes® from eligible Early Action Offset Protocols
  • Tiered Conversion Products (CRTs-to-CCOs}
  • Approved project types as well as short-listed types under consideration
Alberta Compliance

With the enactment of the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation(SGER) on July 1, 2007, Alberta became the first jurisdiction in North America to implement an economy-wide emission reduction program for facilities emitting over 100,000 tonnes CO2e per year. One of four compliance options permitted under the program is to use Alberta-based mitigation credits (31 different protocols) that meet the rigorous standards of the Alberta mitigation credit system and are serialized through the Alberta Emission Offset Registry (AEOR).

As the longest standing project developer and marketer of carbon mitigation credits in Alberta, Bluesource is the partner of choice for compliance buyers. Bluesource offers Alberta-compliant credits in biomass energy, biogas, biofuel production, engine fuel gas management, vent gas capture, enhanced oil recovery, acid gas injection and wind energy, in all major and industry-standard contract structures.


Long before any serious talks of North American compliance carbon markets began, we were actively serving the voluntary market – companies that seek to take action on climate change regardless of obligations or regulations. Such companies helped found and support the global carbon markets in their infancy stages and continue to be an important part of the carbon markets around the world.

Our portfolio of voluntary credits, often referred to as Verified Emission Reductions (VERs), allows voluntary mitigation credit buyers to select projects based on:

Geographical Location

With mitigation projects located in almost all 50 States and most Canadian Provinces, we have over 20 different emission reduction technologies represented in our portfolio.

  • Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRTs)® certified by the Climate Action Reserve® (CAR)
  • Verified Carbon Units (VCUs)® certified by the Verified Carbon Standard® (VCS)
  • Verified Emission Reductions certified by The Gold Standard® (GS VERs)®
  • Emission Reduction Tons (ERTs)® certified by the American Carbon Registry® (ACR)
  • Credits certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)® CleanProjects® and Reductions® Registries
  • Meets ISO 14064-2, 14064-3 and 14065 requirements
  • Pacific Carbon Units (PCUs) certified by the Pacific Carbon Standard (PCS) established under the British Columbia Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act

Bluesource offers both historical and forward vintages through year 2020 and beyond.


Looking for more than just greenhouse gas reduction? Many projects demonstrate other environmental and social benefits, including:

  • Local air quality
  • Biodiversity preservation
  • Habitat preservation
  • Water quality
  • Job creation
  • Economic assistance for impoverished communities
  • Health benefits

When greenhouse gas regulations are anticipated in jurisdictions that do not yet have them in place, market interest can develop for “pre-compliance” strategies. We continually assess new potential greenhouse gas markets and assist companies in developing and carrying out progressive pre-compliance strategies. Whether mitigating a potential carbon exposure or participating as a financial intermediary, we can help.