Environmental Markets

Ecosystems are communities of living organisms interacting in conjunction with the nonliving components of our environment (things like air, water and soil). By placing a value on the nonliving components’ impact on our ecosystems, like carbon intensity, air quality and biodiversity, we can assign the relative importance, cost and value that each component embeds on our ecosystems. On this basis, environmental markets have emerged and taken on various forms from voluntary and compliance to public and private to component specific like water and air quality. The purpose and eventual expression of these markets are to seek the lowest overall cost of providing the highest overall environmental value to our ecosystems.

Bluesource advocates for and participates in these environmental markets through the sustainable generation and transaction of environmental products on a scale and at a cost that drive meaningful direct gains and co-benefits to our ecosystems. Some of these products sourced and transacted separately or in bundles, include climate change carbon offsets, renewable identification numbers, renewable energy credits, mitigation banking, and SOand NOcredits to name a few. Collectively, these environmental markets mitigate the economic and social impact of change on our ecosystems.

Climate Change Mitigation Services
Carbon Offset Purchases & Sales
NOx & SOx
Land-based Mitigation