Experts in Industry Practice

Forestry and Land Experts

Land is constantly being altered by manmade activity. Bluesource has been a pioneer in the effort to mitigate these effects. We were early movers and are current leaders in developing projects and services that value the carbon sequestered in our forests. Through these sustained efforts, we are starting to see a shift in how land managers and owners view the benefits of ‘keeping forest as forest’. We’ve worked with large conservation organizations to shepherd in a new brand of conservation finance to help fund their conservation objectives. We also work with large timber investors to embrace forest carbon as a tangible revenue stream in their operations. Our work in this area also extends to mitigating impacts on wetlands, streams, habitats and species that depend on healthy ecosystems to survive. Payments for ecosystem services are trending upward and we are playing a leading role in deriving value for our clients in these growing markets.

Local Government Environmental Programs

Local governments should be the leaders in sustainability and environmental leadership. By 2050, two-thirds of all humans will be living in cities. Bluesource’s management has experience in organizing and leading local governments in their discovery, consensus building, empowerment and execution of programs in energy efficiency, sustainability, low carbon and carbon neutrality and implementation of renewable energy.

Oil and Gas Production

With a 35-year history of identifying, discovering, developing, producing, gathering, processing and distributing oil and gas, fossil fuel-based industries face several unique problems and opportunities. We’ve permitted and evaluated various operating assets in the Gulf Coast, West Texas and the Rockies to ensure environmental due diligence. Our team is skilled in carbon capture, utilization, and storage for aquifer and enhanced oil recovery programs. Our management has direct knowledge in operating and ownership, skills in drilling, completion, production and processing that allows us to have a significantly deep understanding of our clients’ needs.

Oil Refining

Our management team has owned and operated four refineries in the Western and Gulf Coast states, resulting in a distinctive understanding of the economic and environmental challenges in the industry. With experience in light and heavy-end hydrocarbon sales, marketing and distribution, our team has ensured environmental due diligence concerning construction, operations and process improvements.

Wastewater Treatment

Approximately 7% of the total worldwide methane emissions are a result of wastewater treatment sources. Since 2009, Bluesource has sourced and marketed emission reductions from six wastewater treatment projects in the US and Canada for three of the largest agriculture and food processing companies in North America. Our business and environmental market acumen in landfill and gas wastewater treatment brings rapid answers to facilities, both large and small.

Landfill Gas Management

Through methane production, capture, and use, LFG, the energy derived from landfill gas, provides economic and environmental benefits. The team at Bluesource has experience in the design, engineering, construction and operations of LFG projects and the marketing of their environmental benefits, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and reduced emissions caused by the displacement of higher carbon-emitting fuel sources. Our management is experienced in working with local governments, developing private-public financing, and in partnering with third-party operating contractors.

Surface Transportation

Did you know that 70% of all freight transported in the U.S. is land-based? Approximately 15 million trucks travel an annual 450 billion miles, the industry making up 13% of all fuel consumed in the U.S. Our management team has over 15 years of experience in the ownership and operation of long-haul, over-the-road tractor trailers for liquid and dry bulk in singles, doubles, triples and supers. Our unique experience and understanding of commercial haulage and emissions challenges allows us to respond quickly. For the past 8 years, we have helped the third largest trucking company in the U.S. implement a program identifying the company’s carbon footprint while making improvements in their engine and air dynamics, logistics programming, and operating efficiencies. We’ve also sourced and marketed anti-idling emission reduction projects to a mid-size fleet operator.

Pipeline Transportation

Since inception, our energy affiliate has been the owner and operator of CO2, crude oil and natural gas pipelines. With this unique EPC, operating knowledge and environmental know-how, Bluesource has working relationships with some of the largest pipeline companies in America. We have the second largest pipe operator (by market cap) focused on their methane fugitive emissions at compressor stations and block value installations where an inventory of emissions and investments in leakage reductions proves economically beneficial.


Over the last 5 years, most earth minerals have undergone noteworthy value failure. The coal mining industry has reduced in value and market participation, resulting in even greater consequences. Bluesource has been a climate change advisor and market maker for carbon emissions offsets with coal industry leaders since 2008. This work includes project developments and investments in coal mine methane (CMM) emission reductions and in improvements in operations that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our historical emphasis has been in the Midwest, but we believe that the Northeast and certain non-US mining operations hold great potential in reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

Food Processing/Distribution
Early in Bluesource’s life, a project was developed with the leading protein supplier in the US (40+ million pounds per day of protein) to aid that supplier in identifying and reducing methane and carbon dioxide emissions from animal waste and related by-products. We commercialized these emission improvements which led to other operational improvements. While still an active project, our work has extended vertically and horizontally across the food processing industry to address food sourcing, processing, packaging, transportation, distribution and retail marketing. At the retail marketing end, we have worked with a top 10 grocer to address energy efficiencies and market the related emission reduction improvements. A sustainable food chain is critical for the future.