Our Position on Climate Change

The Origin of Bluesource

The relationship between negative environmental consequences and harm to social wellbeing is an inescapable conclusion. There is little to no debate about this relationship.

The majority of the world’s population agree the climate is changing with intensity that is unexpected, historically unprecedented and – for anyone who has experienced firsthand some of the severe weather patterns – scary. Over the last 20 years, we have all experienced abnormal temperatures, extended seasons, once-in-a-lifetime storms (until another greater one comes), excessive droughts, and shifts in species habitats and growing seasons. We generally agree the climate is changing rapidly and that there are effects on agriculture, transportation, real property, production and consumption of goods, recreation, lifestyle and a myriad of other implications.

As individuals and as a company, we believe the scientific evidence is irrefutable that climate change is happening and that if we take action now, we can diminish and eventually halt the unwanted effects of climate change on society.

Bluesource was started, in part, as a result of our recognition that we cannot sit on the sidelines on this matter. We are in this fight to make a difference. We use our engineering, science, finance, commerce and business-building skills to do our part.

As time has passed, Bluesource has extended its business interests and impact into multi-platform environmental markets; investments in cleaner energy and transportation infrastructure; the launch and maturing of numerous innovative technologies to reduce environmental impacts; authoring environmental guidelines, protocols and information-sharing platforms; and mentoring the next generation of environmental leaders.

All are effects on the wellbeing of society.