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Don’t miss our next newsletter. DECEMBER 2020 STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE Oh, the climate outside is frightful,But the goal remains viable,With the Paris promise that we wroteThere is hope, there is hope, there is hope. INDUSTRY INSIGHTS The Role and Potential of Nature-Based Solutions Nature-based solutions (NBS) are attracting significant attention from corporations purchasing offsets […]

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Our newsletter from October 2020

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Bluesource Q2 Newsletter

Don’t miss our next newsletter. SEPTEMBER 2020 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS Corporate Net Zero Targets and The Ambiguous Paths to Get There In the wake of COVID-19, corporate commitments to address climate change have not slowed. In fact, momentum for high-profile net zero pledges, or companies vowing to reduce all of their greenhouse gas emissions, has continued […]

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Don’t miss our next newsletter. MARCH 2020 Bluesource Q1 2020 Newsletter BEFORE WE BEGIN We did not want to flood your inbox with yet another op-ed on COVID-19. Nevertheless, it would be inappropriate to ignore it entirely. These are unprecedented times, and while our global community grapples with loss of life, economic downturns, rapid changes in […]

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Bluesource Q4 Newsletter

DECEMBER 2019 ‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the landWorld leaders had gathered to discuss climate plans;With temperatures rising and icebergs amelt,No agreement was reached, but still hope we felt;To the countries and companies who honor their commitment–Your innovation and impact’s why our hope is insistent;Read on for more news and stories like […]

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Bluesource Q3 Newsletter

  The following text originally appeared in our 2019 Email Newsletter for Quarter 3. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST AUGUST 2019 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS Considering a Carbon Offset Purchase? Here are Four Things to Think About Carbon offsets can feel overwhelming, whether you’ve been around them for years or you are just starting out. There are numerous […]

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