Bluesource’s Jonathan Smith Receives First EcoImpact Award

Congratulations to our colleague Jonathan Smith on being awarded the first EcoImpact Award from Eco Canada for his role in marketing Bluesource’s innovative Methane Abatement Program. Jon’s approach to marketing this Program is unique as he pulls from his understanding of field operations, technical ability and market dynamics. His ability to communicate across these traditional […]

In The Media / 11 Oct 2017

Firm wants to burn methane leaking from utah coal mine – creating credits to sell to carbon-emitting companies

By burning the greenhouse gas escaping from the retired West Ridge mine, a Colorado firm plans to help California companies that need to account for their own carbon emissions. READ THE ARTICLE CONTACT US >

In The Media / 21 Aug 2017

Methane emissions can fall, but oilpatch needs to see fine print

“Details in our industry really, really matter,” said Yvan Champagne with Blue Source Canada, a Calgary-based company that sells carbon offsets and develops greenhouse gas reduction projects. “The longer we wait for those rules the longer you are delaying any action.” READ THE ARTICLE CONTACT US >

In The Media / 15 Mar 2016

California Welcomes Coal Mine Methane Emissions Reduction Projects

ARB has constructed a protocol that is scientifically sound, technically robust and practical in its workability and application, which should all result in measurable, real and permanent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions,” said Bluesource CEO Eric Townsend in his public comments. READ THE ARTICLE CONTACT US >

In The Media / 29 Apr 2014

Carbon Swaps = Big Bucks

April 25, 2009 Salt Lake City, UT (The Salt Lake Tribune) – Bill Townsend is a brainy, easy-speaking former Louisianan and oilman who founded a couple of companies and spent 16 years in the energy business before migrating to Utah about 20 years ago. Partner Greg Spencer grew up in the Midwest and came to […]

In The Media / 25 Apr 2009

CO2 Wildcatters

December 2007 Bill Townsend, a one-time Texas oilman, gazes up at a dark-red smokestack jutting from the cracked clay of southern Colorado and shakes his head. The chimney is connected to a small plant that processes natural gas from the surrounding plains. About 25 percent of the gas is methane, which is separated out and […]

In The Media / 04 Dec 2007

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