Aaron Paul Director, Forest Carbon Origination |  Seattle, Washington

Amy Zell Director, Advisory Services |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Andre Buiza Carbon Solutions Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ben Massie Vice President of Environmental Markets |  Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ben Parkhurst Director, Technical Services |  San Francisco, California

Bill Townsend Chairman/Chief Strategy Officer |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Blake Wickland Vice President of Bluesource Methane |  Calgary, Alberta

Chelle Davidson RNG Compliance Manager |  Bellingham, Washington

Courtney Messer Renewable Natural Gas Analyst |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Emily Six Marketing and Communications Manager |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Eric Townsend CEO |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Erik Katz Chief Development Officer |  New York, New York

Ian Hash Manager, Forest Carbon Projects |  Seattle, Washington

Isaac Smith Carbon Solutions Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Isaiah Martin Carbon Advisory Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jamie MacKinnon Vice President, Environmental Solutions |  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Janet Peace Chief of Advisory Services |  Washington, DC

Jason Heffner Forest Carbon Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jennifer Stirling Controller |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Jessica Stalberger Commercial Operations Administrator |  Salt Lake City, Utah

JJ Ferreira Carbon Solutions Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jocelyne Laflamme Forest Carbon Specialist |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jonathan Smith Vice President, Sourcing and Sales |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Josh Clark Director, Forest Carbon Modeling |  San Francisco, California

Josh Strauss VP |  San Francisco, California

Justin Friesen Manager - RNG Projects |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Justin Tao Methane Reduction Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Karuna Paudel Manager, Forest Carbon |  San Francisco, California

Kelsey Locke Manager, Methane Program |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Kevin Townsend Chief Commercial Officer |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Lise Rajewicz Methane Projects Coordinator |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Liz Lott Director, Forest Carbon Projects |  San Francisco, California

Lizzie Aldrich Vice President of Business Development |  Truckee, California

Matt Harmer VP & General Counsel |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Megan McKinley Manager, Forest Carbon |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Philip Anderson Methane Reduction Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Roger Williams President |  San Francisco, California

Sarah Johnson Director of RNG Projects |  Denver, Colorado

Smith Monson Corporate Counsel |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Sydney Flowerday Methane Reduction Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thana Boonlert Methane Reduction Analyst |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tim Hipp Forest Carbon Analyst |  San Francisco, California

Tooraj Moulai Director, Engineering and Technical Services |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Will Overly VP, Carbon Projects |  Salt Lake City, Utah

Yvan Champagne President, Bluesource Methane |  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Director, Forest Carbon Origination

Seattle, Washington

Meet Aaron.

Aaron joined Bluesource in 2019 to lead forest carbon transactions across north America. As director of Forest Carbon Origination, Aaron works with timberland managers to realize new revenue streams from voluntary and compliance credit sales that augment traditional timber, real estate, and recreational business lines. He particularly enjoys the firm's versatility across different carbon markets. It allows Bluesource to craft the carbon project to the land owner's needs while most developers mold the land owner to the market's needs.

Prior to Bluesource, Aaron served as the Director of Conservation Investments for the Nature Conservancy in the Pacific Northwest for four years. There, he managed a 75,000 acre portfolio of FSC certified timberland and oversaw all acquisitions and dispositions. He also led the chapter's innovative finance group and negotiated eight figure water rights, timberland, and forest restoration transactions. Prior to TNC, Aaron led Tilson's Energy and Broadband consulting group where he advised on biomass energy and telecommunications developments worth $1.1 billion. He started his career as a management consultant at BayFirst Solutions serving the U.S. Coast Guard and other federal agencies.

Aaron holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Yale School of Management, a Masters of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry, and a BA in History from Reed College.

Director, Advisory Services

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Amy.

Amy joined the Bluesource Canada team in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary. Amy is part of the technical team, supporting companies in managing their greenhouse gas portfolios by delivering quantification and reporting services for offset projects. Her project scope includes engine fuel management, ozone depleting substances, acid gas injection and enhanced oil recovery.

Amy brings project management and engineering knowledge to Bluesource through her experience at various oil and gas companies in Calgary. She supported the complete lifecycle of major projects as a project engineer, including five months of field experience during construction. Amy is registered as an Engineer in Training with APEGA.

Carbon Solutions Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Andre.

Andre Buiza joined Bluesource’s Calgary office in May 2020 as a Carbon Solutions Analyst. Andre is responsible for supporting the technical team to develop emission offsets and recognize emission reductions in various industries. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Energy and the Environment at the University of Calgary. Andre also completed an internship at the Government of Alberta in the Ministry of Environment and Parks.

As an Engineering Co-op Student in the Emission Offset team, he supported the revision of emission offset quantification protocols and provided engineering and technical support to assist policy development and resolve issues faced by stakeholders in the Alberta Emission Offset System. Through this experience, Andre developed a strong foundation for understanding emission offsets, greenhouse gas quantification, and the effectiveness of using carbon markets to promote emission reductions. Outside of work, Andre enjoys traveling, cooking, and trying fitness classes.

Vice President of Environmental Markets

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Meet Ben.

As Vice President of Environmental Markets, Ben is responsible for identifying and acquiring high quality environmental instruments that meet the needs of Bluesource’s clients. These include voluntary international carbon credits, US renewable energy credits, and international renewable energy credits. Ben also works with projects and standards assessing the quantification of sustainable development impacts.

Prior to joining Bluesource, Ben led US sourcing activities and several project development activities for a voluntary market environmental instrument retailer. He spent several years in sustainability and decision-making consulting, and started his career working in the environmental and carbon offset groups for a major US energy company.

When not at work. Ben enjoys basketball (both playing and watching), getting outside to fish and snowboard, and spending time with his wife and their children. Ben holds a BS in Environmental Management from Indiana University and a MS in Sustainable Systems from the University of Michigan.

Director, Technical Services

San Francisco, California

Meet Ben.

Ben Parkhurst leads the technical aspects of many projects for Blue Source, providing quantitative analysis of carbon and environmental benefits through every stage of project evaluation, implementation, validation, verification, and monitoring. Ben’s technical expertise includes inventory/ sampling design, carbon stock estimation, habitat quantification, growth and yield modeling, map development, GIS analysis, and remote sensing. He is responsible for mapping, classifying, and stratifying project areas with ArcGIS; analyzing and summarizing inventory data; modeling future scenarios; analyzing the environmental and financial costs and benefits of different scenarios; and using optimization software to maximize environmental benefits and revenues. He is proficient with many geospatial, statistical, and forest modeling software packages including ArcGIS, ENVI, Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS), STATA, R, Excel, Access, and others. Ben obtained his Master’s Degrees in Forestry (MF) and Environmental Management (MEM) at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, a Society of American Foresters-accredited master’s program.

Chairman / Chief Strategy Officer

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Bill.

As CSO, Bill leads the Company in fulfilling its Vision and Mission through execution of the Company’s Strategic Plan. In addition, Bill is responsible for leadership and resource development. As Chairman of the Board of Bluesource and co-founder of the Company, Bill leads and resources the Board.

Bill is the founder or co-founder of several companies in energy, chemicals, publishing, consulting, finance and environment. Through a privately held investment fund, start-ups in the not-for and for profit space of faith, culture and character have been launched or nourished.

“There are elements in my life that continue to stun me with their beauty and hope: deep friendships and long-lived loves, hard fought and lost battles, the mystery of faith, undiscovered kindness and divine mercy and grace.”

Vice President of Bluesource Methane

Calgary, Alberta

Meet Blake.

As Vice President of Bluesource Methane, Blake’s responsibilities include development of strategy, management and strengthening of partner relationships, technical support to the Methane team, development of new project types, and ensuring Bluesource continues to have a solid footprint in the methane emissions reduction sector. Seeing projects through from the concept stage through to field implementation is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to reducing methane emissions in the Oil and Gas sector while ensuring every project benefits the environment and our partners.

Prior to joining Bluesource Blake spent over 25 years in the Electrical and Instrumentation sector where he became a Journeyman Instrumentation Technician. At a young age Blake began working in a shop sweeping floors and rebuilding pneumatic devices and pumps which would turn out to be a focus of methane reduction programs later in life. During his early years Blake worked in the oilfield near Drayton Valley, Alberta where he grew up before moving to Calgary where he would pursue further experience in the trade through project estimation, project management, sales, design, QAQC development, supplier relations, government relations, regulatory development, standards development and methane emissions reduction. This journey led Blake to completing projects around North America as well as the Middle East, Africa and Indonesia.

Blake’s two daughters keep him busy in his time away from the office. Whether it be snowmobiling, riding horses, playing hockey, photography, woodworking or public speaking there is always something going on to keep Blake out of trouble.

RNG Compliance Manager

Bellingham, Washington

Meet Chelle.

As the RNG Compliance Manager, Chelle works to help implement the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) programs, along with other applicable state programs. Chelle has worked with both industry and consulting companies to help implement and understand the RFS program since its inception in 2007.

Before joining Bluesource, Chelle worked with Weaver and Tidwell, LLP, managing multiple biogas QAP projects from registration through QAP approval. She also managed the EPA-required Registration Update program for producers. In addition, she performed annual attestation reviews for all parties required to participate in the RFS program from Marketers to Obligated Parties. She received her B.A. in Environmental Journalism from the Evergreen State College in Washington State.

Renewable Natural Gas Analyst

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Courtney.

As a Renewable Natural Gas Analyst for Bluesource, Courtney is responsible for the registration of all RNG projects and related coordination with the EPA and other applicable state agencies. Additionally, she manages ongoing RFS compliance by performing monthly RIN credit generation, preparing necessary Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) reports, and tracks Compressed Natural Gas volumes for RNG production facilities.

Prior to joining Bluesource, Courtney worked as a Senior Account Manager, leading projects from design ideation to purchase order. She worked closely with the overseas team sourcing specific buyer requests and proposals. She handled all internal design and sales tasks for Walmart CA, Staples, and Office Depot.

Courtney received her Bachelor of Science in Apparel Merchandising and Design from Iowa State University. In her free time, Courtney enjoys practicing yoga, going on walks with her husband and dog, and trying new dessert and coffee shops.

Marketing and Communications Manager

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Emily.

As Marketing and Communications Manager for Bluesource, Emily collaborates with the team to provide internal and external content and communications. Emily conducts market research and creates strategic marketing plans to facilitate in outreach and business development. Spearheading the implementation and development of communication materials, she works to create accessible, approachable, and educational content that can be used to inform clients and lead to environmental action.

Emily joins the Bluesource team from the nonprofit sector and currently sits on the board of a local afterschool organization. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Psychology from Texas A&M University, graduating with University, Liberal Arts, and Psychology honors. She is also a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honors society. In her free time, Emily enjoys a good cup of coffee and adventure with her husband. She is eternally curious about cultivating house plants and hopes to one day become a successful green thumb.

Chief Executive Officer

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Eric.

Serving as its CEO, Eric Townsend joined Blue Source in 2007 and is based in the outdoor playground of Salt Lake City, Utah. Eric directs a range of Company activities including corporate strategy and implementation, finance and operations, and leads Blue Source's mine methane destruction business. Prior to joining Bluesource, Eric was President of Landvoice Corporation and has held multiple roles at University Venture Funds and Morgan Stanley.

Eric believes in the Biblical concept of responsible stewardship of the earth, including the repair and restoration of our climate, physical environment and natural resources. Whether it be paragliding, climbing in the mountains, leading whitewater trips or just flying a kite with his daughter, experiencing the outdoor wonders of our world reinforces Eric’s commitment to working for the preservation of our wild places and making Bluesource a material contributor in our global climate-recovery efforts.

Eric received an MBA from the University of Utah and a BS in Sales Management from Purdue University.

Chief Development Officer

New York, New York

Meet Erik.

As Chief Development Officer, Erik leads Bluesource’s capital raising efforts and strategic partnerships and alliances. Erik has 35+ years of experience investing, managing, and advising public and private companies, including 17 years at The Blackstone Group as a Senior Managing Director. Erik is the Co-Founder and COO of Wrinkl, Inc., a team communication platform that brings clarity and productivity to collaboration.

Prior, Erik was a Founding Board Member and investor in The Paradigm Project, a social enterprise working to create sustainable social, economic and environmental value within developing world communities, as well as the CEO of ThinkEco, Inc., an award-winning developer of energy efficiency hardware and software. In addition, he was a member of CS First Boston’s Private Equity, M&A and Product Development groups, as well as Merrill Lynch and Nikko Securities’ asset management groups. Mr. Katz graduated magna cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a BBA in Finance and a BA in Japanese Language and Literature. Mr. Katz lives in New York with his wife, Deena, and four children.

Manager, Forest Carbon Projects

Seattle, Washington

Meet Ian.

Ian Hash is a Manager of Forest Carbon Projects with Bluesource. He supports the Forestry team in its efforts to identify, evaluate, develop, and monitor forest carbon projects. Ian conducts geospatial analysis, financial analysis, models and projects forest growth, and assists in the coordination and implementation of forest carbon inventory for Bluesource Forestry projects. He also works with third-party contractors and vendors and coordinates and oversees all associated fieldwork.

Prior to working at Bluesource, Ian worked with various state and federal agencies including the US Forest Service and California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to improve forest management techniques. He served as an Agro-Forestry Advisor in the United States Peace Corps – Jamaica, assisting in grassroots farming and forestry initiatives. He has further experience in the tech industry, supporting operations for large scale data acquisition and processing efforts. Ian holds a BS in Environmental Science and Resource Management and a Master of Forest Resources – Peace Corps Master’s International (SAF Accredited) degree from the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington. In his free time, Ian enjoys surfing, basketball and the outdoors.

Carbon Solutions Analyst

Seattle, Washington

Meet Isaac.

Isaac joined Blusource in 2019 as a Carbon Solutions Analyst, where he is part of the technical team helping companies develop carbon offset credits through quantification and reporting services. He has worked on projects including waste heat recovery, agriculture, and energy generation from biomass, and is excited to learn more about the world of offset projects.

Prior to joining Bluesource, Isaac completed a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary. He has also worked as a research assistant and with ATCO Gas where he managed upgrades and expansions to the distribution network as well as assisting cities with key infrastructure projects. Outside of work, Isaac is an avid hockey player, hiker, and aspiring comic.

Carbon Advisory Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Isaiah.

As an Analyst for Bluesource’s Advisory Services team, Isaiah aids companies in reaching their climate challenge goals by delivering technical implementation and reporting services on a multitude of projects in myriad industries. Isaiah combines his engineering consulting skills and his experience in oil and gas to provide clients with life cycle analyses, carbon foot printing, GHG quantification, carbon capture utilization and storage research, policy analyses, and market reports. He is familiar with the design and operation of petrochemical plants and refineries, and makes use of this knowledge when assisting clients currently undergoing the energy transition. Isaiah holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering with a Specialization in Oil Sands from the University of Alberta, and is registered as an Engineer-in-Training with APEGA.

Vice President, Environmental Solutions

Ontario, Canada

Meet Jamie.

As Vice President, Environmental Solutions, Jamie leads Bluesource’s project sourcing and policy work for Canada. Jamie works with proponents of GHG reduction and renewable fuel and electricity projects across the country to help leverage the diverse range of carbon offset, low carbon fuel standard, and renewable energy certificate markets. He brings a strong track record as a catalyst of significant project investment in Renewable Natural Gas, forest carbon sequestration, waste-to-energy, programmatic fuel switching, renewable power generation, energy efficiency, and methane capture across diverse sectors of the economy. He has worked in the carbon market since 2002 within the oil & gas, consumer packaged goods, and carbon offset development sectors and has a deep technical, financial, policy, and strategic skill set in this area.

Prior to joining Bluesource, Jamie worked at Repsol in Madrid, Spain where he managed a Climate Change Unit. His responsibilities included: Managing compliance in carbon markets for the group of refineries and petrochemical plants; originating a large portfolio of international offsets from 3rd parties and within the companies’ upstream and downstream operations around the world; developing GHG reduction protocols; advocating for smart carbon and clean energy policy choices, trading carbon; and risk management in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. In this role, Jamie structured pioneering trades in the carbon market, developed first-of-their-kind offset projects; generated significant value in offset credits; and co-authored a Clean Development Mechanism methodology.

More recently, Jamie worked for Molson Coors in Canada and managed environmental sustainability for global operations. In this role, he played a key part for the Ontario brewing sector in securing a product-based benchmark for allocation of allowances in the provinces new cap-and-trade program and helping Molson Coors and other companies prepare for participation in a carbon market. He also chaired the Energy & Climate Change Working Group of the global Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable and led efforts to broker a sector-wide agreement on climate change.

Jamie holds a Masters of Environmental Law & Policy from Vermont Law School and a B.Comm in Economics and Finance from the University of Guelph.

Chief of Advisory Services

Washington, DC

Meet Janet.

As Chief of Advisory Services, Janet is responsible for leading outreach, guidance and engagement on key climate issues important to Bluesource clients including policy, natural climate solutions, GHG inventories, carbon strategy, reporting, goal setting and carbon neutrality. Janet brings a wide spectrum of experience on environmental issues to her work at Bluesource. Prior to Bluesource, she was in the executive management team at the Pew Center on Global Climate Change and helped launch its successor, the Center on Climate and Energy Solutions. At Pew and C2ES, Janet led their engagement with the corporate community, including their Business Environmental Leadership Council - mostly Fortune 500 companies. Janet also led research and engagement on market-based policy, offsets, corporate sustainability, climate resilience and carbon capture, use and storage.

Prior to Pew, she was the Director of Offsets Development and Industry Relations, at the not for profit, Climate Change Central in Calgary, Alberta. In Calgary she was also an Adjunct Professor of Economics at the University of Calgary, where she taught natural resource and environmental economics. As a recognized expert on climate issues, she is an advisor to the World Bank’s High Level Panel on Carbon Pricing Competitiveness, the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, American University’s Center for Environmental Policy and Arizona State’s Urban Resilience Network. She is past member of the review team for the Fourth National Climate Assessment, National Research Council’s Roundtable on Climate Change Education and the Council of Canadian Academies on oil sands environmental technologies.

Janet holds a Ph.D. and Master of Science in economics and an undergraduate degree in geology.

Forest Carbon Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Jason.

As a Forest Carbon Analyst at Bluesource, Jason supports the identification, development, implementation, and monitoring of Canadian and U.S. forest carbon projects. This involves geospatial and financial analysis, carbon and forest growth modeling, and coordinating forest inventories. Jason holds a BSc in Forestry and a Master of Environmental Management from the University of New Brunswick, Canada, and a Master of Science in Forestry from the University of Freiburg, Germany. His Master’s thesis involved modeling forest carbon stocks in Nova Scotia, with comparison against the federal carbon model.

Before joining Bluesource, Jason worked as a forest professional at the provincial and federal level, and as a forest firefighter in Northern Alberta. He has worked, studied, or volunteered in the forests of four Canadian provinces, Germany, and Honduras. Jason enjoys mountain biking, hiking, winter sports, and playing hockey.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Jennifer.

As the Controller of Blue Source, LLC, Jennifer is responsible for complete and accurate monthly financial statements for both the US and Canadian companies. She has been with Blue Source for more than 10 years and has over 15 years of accounting experience. Jennifer supports the CEO and senior management by leading day to day accounting procedures. She also prepares consolidated monthly financials, prepares and assists with the annual financial audit, and prepares US and Canadian taxes for finalization. Prior to joining Blue Source, Jennifer was the Revenue Accountant for Tandem Labs, a bioanalytical and immunoanalytical contract research organization. In her spare time Jennifer enjoys cooking for her family, camping with her husband and two sons, playing with her three dogs, and crafting with her friends.

Commercial Operations Administrator

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Jessica.

Jessica is a project management professional with experience in both the public and private realms.

As Commercial Operations Administrator, Jessica is responsible for multiple aspects of the commercial transaction process for Bluesource. From facilitating transfers and retirements of environmental attributes to creating contracts to working directly with clients, she provides support throughout the transaction process. Additionally, Jessica contributes to Bluesource’s marketing and business development efforts by writing project marketing materials, case studies, website copy, press releases, proposals and more.

Prior to joining Bluesource, Jessica worked as a project manager and public involvement specialist. Her work spanned land-use planning, transportation, and environmental mitigation projects. She specialized in facilitating steering and advisory committees, stakeholder communications and the development of public involvement outreach materials. She worked closely with internal and external stakeholders to develop and implement public involvement processes for a variety of clients in both the public and private sectors. Her work encompassed projects large and small from federal transportation improvement projects to in-fill redevelopment.

Jessica holds a B.A. in Public Administration from Washington State University and is an alumni of Leadership Clark County in Clark County, Washington. In her free time, she enjoys cycling, skiing and recreating in the great outdoors with her husband and three kids. She also enjoys sewing and designs and makes her own line of accessory goods.

Carbon Solutions Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet JJ.

Joao (JJ) joined the Bluesource Calgary team in May 2020, with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary. As a member of the technical team, JJ supports clients in managing their GHG portfolios by delivering quantification and reporting services for offset projects.

JJ brings engineering, project management, and business development expertise to Bluesource through his experience at Ridgeback Resources Inc. While at Ridgeback, JJ supported the lifecycle development, production, and management of petroleum resources in Western Canada. Additionally, he gained a thorough understanding of surface production and facility operations as a field operator in SE Saskatchewan for eighteen months. JJ is registered as an Engineer in Training with APEGA. Outside of work, JJ is an avid skier and hiker and enjoys spending time with and cooking for family and friends.

Forest Carbon Specialist

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Jocelyne.

As a Forest Carbon Specialist at Bluesource, Jocelyne contributes to the development of both Canadian and U.S. forestry projects. Her work involves geospatial and financial analysis, carbon modeling, and coordinating forest inventories. Jocelyne holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from the University of Guelph and a Master of Forest Conservation from the University of Toronto (accredited by the Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board).

Previously, Jocelyn worked on forest carbon projects in academic, professional, and volunteer capacities, including NASA funded research and agroforestry work in the Peruvian Amazon. In her spare time, Jocelyne enjoys hiking, gardening on her patio, and knitting cozy sweaters.

Vice President, Sourcing and Sales

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Jonathan.

As Vice President of Sourcing and Sales, Jonathan is responsible for the marketing and sales of offsets across the Canadian carbon markets, including both the British Columbia and Alberta compliance markets, and voluntary markets throughout Canada. In addition to the development of transactions, Jonathan also leads most of the Canadian sourcing opportunities, including both compliance and voluntary opportunities.

Jonathan believes in living an environmentally responsible lifestyle and strives to live true to this belief through reducing his family’s impact on the environment. Be it through skiing, running, biking, camping or fishing, Jonathan tries to enjoy his local surroundings and landscape as much as possible, while encouraging his wife, daughter, and friends to do the same.

Jonathan holds a BBA in Finance and Economics from Bishop’s University, a Bachelor of Applied Petroleum Engineering Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and a Master of Resource and Environmental Management from Dalhousie University.

Director, Forest Carbon Modeling

San Francisco, California

Meet Josh.

Josh Clark's primary role is to develop and implement optimized carbon models for forest offset projects. His work includes creating models that balance environmental benefits and timber revenues. He also implements process improvements that streamline business workflows.

Josh's technical background includes extensive experience with geospatial, statistical, forest modeling, and harvest scheduling software. Examples include ArcGIS, ENVI, Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS), R, Python, Excel, Access, SQL, Patchworks, Woodstock, and others. Josh’s educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a PhD in Forest Engineering from Oregon State University. He is also a certified Project Management Professional and Professional Engineer.

Prior to Bluesource, Josh’s work experience includes positions with the Oregon Department of Forestry, academia, and the semiconductor industry. His work background includes roles as harvest schedule modeler, business team leader, project manager, forest biomass researcher, process engineer, and university instructor. In his free time, Josh enjoys running, volunteering, and spending time with his family.

Vice President

San Francisco, California

Meet Josh.

Joshua Strauss is a forest carbon specialist whose primary responsibilities consist of the sourcing, analysis, and development of Improved Forest Management, Afforestation, and Avoided Conversion carbon offset projects. Joshua manages Blue Source’s forest project implementation team, overseeing all aspects of project development, from initial contracting to the ultimate issuance of offset credits. Throughout this process Joshua liaises with clients, directs Blue Source’s technical staff, supervises third party contractors, and coordinates with carbon registry administrators. Joshua is experienced in forest mensuration and geospatial analysis, has a degree accredited by the Society of American Foresters, and has passed the CA Air Resources Board’s Forest Verifier examination. A Doris Duke Conservation Fellow and Tinker Foundation Grant recipient, Joshua holds a BA from the University of California Santa Barbara and Master’s degrees in Forestry and Environmental Management from Duke University.

Manager, RNG Projects

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Justin.

Justin joined the Bluesource Calgary team in May 2018, after completing his Bachelors of Applied Science in Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Justin is part of the technical team, supporting companies in managing their GHG portfolios by delivering quantification and reporting services for offset projects. His project scope includes composting, anaerobic digesters, HFC recycling and advanced refrigeration systems.

Justin brings experience in anaerobic digester design and management to Bluesource through his experience in the Biological Solutions Laboratory at UBC Okanagan. While studying, he took courses pertaining to solid waste management, landfill design, as well as wastewater treatment technologies. Prior to joining Bluesource, he worked at ATCO Gas; where he managed natural gas regulator station installation and upgrades, as well as designing distribution systems. Justin is registering as an Engineer in Training with APEGA and holds a degree in Civil Engineer from UBC.

Methane Reduction Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Justin.

Justin Tao joined the Bluesource Methane team in August 2019 as a Methane Reduction Analyst. Prior to joining Bluesource, Justin’s background consists of a BSc degree in chemical engineering with 2 years of additional experience in business both obtained at the University of Calgary. Utilizing the knowledge and experiences gained from his education, Justin is responsible for supporting technical projects that focus on generating GHG reductions in the oil and gas sector. Additionally, Justin supports other areas of professional consulting services including business development, client and project management.

Justin developed a passion for engineering during his internship with Imperial Oil at the Sarnia Site integrated refinery and petrochemicals plant. As a Junior Technical Contact Engineer, he supported the Technical Contacts with troubleshooting unit constraints as well as optimizing performance in key areas to produce products in a safe, reliable, and energy efficient manner at the lowest possible cost. As Justin worked in both an office and field environment, he obtained a clearer, overall picture of how the oil and gas industry affects people around the world in addition to the impact made on the environment. Combined with his passion to make a difference in the world, he aspires to contribute to the Bluesource vision of improving the world by improving the environment. During his free time, Justin enjoys volunteering, staying active and travelling the world.

Manager, Forest Carbon

San Francisco, California

Meet Karuna.

As the Forest Carbon Manager for Bluesource, Karuna supports the forestry team by developing and implementing optimized carbon models for forest carbon offset projects. Her work includes creating models that balance environmental benefits and timber revenues. She also implements process improvements that streamline business workflows.

Karuna’s technical background includes extensive experience with geospatial, forest economic modeling, and statistical analysis. She is experienced in using advanced statistical techniques with various software including ArcGIS, R, Python, and Excel. Karuna has a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Kathmandu University, Nepal; a master’s degree in GIS from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota; a master's degree in statistics and a Ph.D. of Forestry and Natural Resources from the University of Georgia.

Before Bluesource, Karuna worked in the public sector, emergency mapping, academia, and non-profits. She was a recipient of a graduate fellowship at the National Socio-ecological Research Synthesis Center (SESYNC) at the University of Maryland. Additionally, she has instructed graduate and undergraduate level GIS classes. In her free time, Karuna enjoys reading, trekking, gardening, and enjoying time with her family.

Manager, Methane Program

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Kelsey.

As Manager of the Methane Program in Calgary, Kelsey oversees the technical team responsible for the creation of carbon offsets associated with the Bluesource Methane Reduction Program. The Program contains 3,500 low-venting pneumatic controllers designed to reduce natural gas venting in Alberta’s oil and gas industry. Kelsey works with oil and gas producers to reduce their methane footprint and become compliant with provincial and federal methane regulations. Kelsey assisted with the technical development of the Program during its infancy, and now manages producers and operators, coordinates field visits and data collection, and oversees the quantification and verification processes for the projects.

Previously, Kelsey supported various carbon offset projects at Bluesource, including wind, energy efficiency, biomass, acid gas injection, and engine fuel management. She also brings oil and gas field experience to Bluesource from her time as an Environmental Consultant, where she conducted environmental site assessments, reclamation and remediation activities across Alberta.

Kelsey earned an Honors Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences degree from the University of Lethbridge, and a Master of Climate Change degree from the University of Waterloo. She is registered as an Agrologist in training with the AIA, and an Environmental Professional in training with Eco-Canada.

Chief Commercial Officer

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Kevin.

As Chief Commercial Officer, Kevin leads Bluesource's sales and marketing efforts through development of strategic marketing initiatives. His responsibilities include structuring offset purchases and designing environmental attribute portfolios for a wide array of buyer types. Kevin also devotes time to expanding the project portfolio through sourcing efforts in the wastewater treatment, organic digestion and industrial gas sectors.

Kevin holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Westminster College.

Methane Projects Coordinator

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Lise.

As Methane Projects Coordinator, Lise is responsible for coordinating and maintaining a variety of emission reductions projects throughout Alberta’s oil and gas sector. She liaises with a range of stakeholders to manage the collection and organization of GHG data while ensuring the quality and integrity of the methane reductions achieved throughout the company’s project portfolio.

Lise holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography and Spanish. She has been fortunate to work in a variety of roles that support her commitment to environmental stewardship, education, and climate change advocacy. Her past work includes research on increasing public literacy and action on climate change, and public participation in policymaking. Most recently, Lise worked as an urban beekeeper and educator where she inspired city dwellers to reconnect with nature and ignite their sense of environmental stewardship.

Outside of work, Lise spends her time enjoying Alberta’s natural spaces, volunteering with New Canadians, advocating for food security, and growing food in her garden—with the help of her puppy and a few thousand honeybees.

Director, Forest Carbon Projects

San Francisco, California

Meet Liz.

Liz Lott is a forest carbon specialist working to implement carbon projects with the forestry team in the San Francisco office. Liz is proficient in conducting financial feasibility and carbon volume assessments, data management, soil analyses, and modeling forest growth and yield. Additionally, as a part of Blue Source’s technical services and project development team, she conducts due diligence, leads on spatial modelling, and evaluates forest inventory data from forests across the United States and Canada. Prior to working at Blue Source, Liz worked at The Nature Conservancy to build support and capacity for the Arizona chapter, and has further experience working with land trusts to promote sustainable forest management activities and quantifying environmental services. Liz holds a BS in Biology & History from Furman University as well as a Master of Environmental Management and Master of Forestry from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.

Vice President of Business Development

Truckee, California

Meet Lizzie.

As Vice President of Business Development, Lizzie identifies and acquires new clients in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and renewable natural gas markets. She also leads the voluntary offset sales efforts where she identifies buyers, develops marketing materials, and negotiates sales’ agreements. Lizzie has been in the field of renewable energy and carbon markets since 2004. Prior to her work at Bluesource, she founded Lokey Carbon Concepts, LLC to help businesses thrive in a carbon-constrained world. She has also been a Senior Consultant at Camco Clean Energy and worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Rocky Mountain Institute. Her articles on carbon markets have been published as 20 peer-reviewed articles, four book chapters, and a book with Routledge on renewable energy development in Latin America. Lizzie has her B.A. from Middlebury College where she majored in Environmental Studies and Latin American Studies and was a National Science Foundation Fellow while she earned her M.S. and Ph.D. at the University of Colorado. In her free time, Lizzie enjoys exploring the mountains and rivers of the Sierra Nevadas on her mountain bike, skis, paddleboard, and kayak.

Vice President & General Counsel

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Matt.

As Vice President & General Counsel, Matt applies his broad experience in transactional, financing, litigation, securities and other matters to assist Bluesource with its ever-expanding portfolio of commercial and development activities. Since late 2007, Matt has spearheaded a number of strategic initiatives for Bluesource and has supported numerous transactions relating to the development and monetization of various environmental attributes, project development, new lines of business, private equity investments, lines of credit and others.

Matt is a former shareholder at Parsons Behle & Latimer, one of the Intermountain West’s oldest and most respected law firms, and has extensive in-house experience with both public and private companies including Tabula Rasa Partners, Sony Electronics Inc., 1-800 CONTACTS and Iomega Corporation. He is admitted to practice in both Utah and California. When his eyes are not glued to multiple monitors he loves recreating in the Intermountain West’s mountains, rivers, deserts and red rock country.

Manager, Forest Carbon

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Megan.

Megan works in the Calgary office as a Manager of Forest Carbon Projects. She splits her time between the Canadian and U.S. forestry teams working on carbon assessments on forestlands in both countries. Additionally, she aids in the development of forest carbon protocols. Megan brings previous experience in silviculture to her role at Bluesource, where she oversaw the development, growth, and health of forestlands.

Megan possesses a Bachelor of Science with Medical Chemistry Honors, and a Master of Forestry from the University of New Brunswick. She is currently working towards becoming a registered Professional Forester.

Megan grew up in New Brunswick and when she isn’t working, enjoys competing professionally in lumberjack competitions.

Methane Reduction Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Philip.

Philip joined the Bluesource Methane team in October 2019 as a Methane Reduction Analyst after completing his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science at Mount Royal University. While studying, Philip became diversified in a wide range of topics including air quality, site reclamation, regulatory management, and project management.

Philip’s environmental experience includes working for the City of Calgary as a Water Quality Monitor. He was responsible for taking representative surface and storm water samples; the data was then used to examine the City of Calgary’s impact on the Bow River Watershed. He has also spent time at CrossIron Mills Shopping Centre, where he managed the waste and recycling services and found innovative solutions to reduce the shopping center’s ecological footprint. Utilizing the knowledge gained from his education and work experience, Philip is responsible for supporting technical projects that focus on generating GHG reductions in the oil and gas sector. Philip is an individual who is passionate about the environment and he is continuously striving to reduce is carbon and ecological footprint. Outside of work, Philip enjoys playing hockey, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.


San Francisco, California

Meet Roger.

As President, Roger’s responsibilities include corporate strategy, development of new business lines, and managing the identification and development of projects that create environmental benefits. He is a pioneer in environmental market design and implementation, environmental finance and is a frequent speaker and advisor on these topics.

Prior to joining Bluesource, Roger held management and business development positions at World Water & Power Corp., Kirell Energy Systems, ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection Campaign and Cantor CO2e. He also served as Chairman of the Carbon Offset Provider Coalition. He has extensive international sustainable development experience, having served as an agroforestry Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala. He holds a BA in Political Science from Duke University and a Masters in Industrial Environmental Management from Yale University.

Director of RNG Projects

Denver, Colorado

Meet Sarah.

As Director of RNG Projects, Sarah is responsible for implementation of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), along with other applicable state programs. She is tasked with coordinating and updating EPA registration, generating environmental attributes such as RIN and LCFS credits, coordinating Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) reviews and other verification projects. Prior to joining Blue Source, Sarah worked with Weaver and Tidwell, LLP, managing domestic and import QAP projects, assisted clients with RIN credit generation, prepared quarterly RFS reports, and performed annual attestation reviews.

Sarah received her BS in Finance from Minnesota State University, Mankato. In her free time, Sarah enjoys hiking with her dog, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Corporate Counsel

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Smitty.

Smitty is a former civil litigator with extensive experience in commercial disputes, antitrust matters, including large mergers and acquisition deals and investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice under the Hart Scott Rodino Act and insurance matters. At Bluesource, Smitty assists in a wide range of transactions related to development of environmental products and services, including the development and sale of greenhouse gas offsets and renewable fuel attributes.

Smitty earned his JD degree from the University of Utah, and holds an MA in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University. Prior to Bluesource, Smitty worked as an Associate Attorney with Dorsey & Whitney, a highly respected, international AM Law 100 Firm. Outside of the office, Smitty spends time in the great outdoors with his beautiful wife, three adventurous children, and adorable Golden Retriever.

Methane Reduction Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Sydney.

Sydney joined the Bluesource Methane team in December 2020 after completing a Masters in Science in Sustainable Energy Development at the University of Calgary. As a Methane Reduction Analyst, Sydney helps producers reduce their emissions and earn carbon offset credits.

Sydney’s passion for the environment led her to pursue geology and environmental studies in her undergrad. When she returned to school for her masters degree, she wrote a thesis evaluating the feasibility of various energy storage systems in Alberta, Canada. Most recently, Sydney worked at the Conference Board of Canada, researching and publishing reports on diverse topics related to energy, environment and transportation. She spent most of her professional career working as a project manager at Tervita, coordinating hazardous waste management projects and spill response for the oil and gas industry. She also has experience with environmental assessment and regulatory compliance from working as a consultant.

Sydney is an avid downhill skier and traveler. She also enjoys mountain biking, ski touring and backpacking trips! Sydney recently renovated several camper vans and makes the BEST homemade pizzas.

Methane Reduction Analyst

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Thana.

Thana joined the Bluesource Calgary team in October 2019. He is a Methane Reduction Analyst and is part of the Bluesource Methane team where he will be conducting technical analysis and helping producers reduce their emissions while earning carbon offset credits through implementing efficiencies.

Thana is originally from Ottawa and has a Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental) degree from the University of Guelph. In his most recent professional years, Thana has specialized in greenhouse gas (GHG) science including GHG verifications, GHG and NPRI reporting, and air quality field monitoring. He has worked on a wide range of projects that spans from various industrial facilities including work in the oil sands, gas processing facilities, pipelines, open pit coal mines, pulp mills, wastewater treatment, manufacturing, etc. Thana also has experience in environmental compliance, regulatory analysis, and working with government jurisdictions on policy development.

Outside of work, Thana is an avid mountain explorer and on weekends is often found hiking, scrambling or snowboarding. Thana also plays hockey, is a musician, and a commissioned photographer.

Forest Carbon Specialist

San Francisco, California

Meet Tim.

Tim Hipp is a Forest Carbon Specialist with Bluesource. He supports the Forestry team in its efforts to identify, evaluate, develop, and monitor forest carbon projects. Tim conducts geospatial and financial analyses, models and projects forest growth, and assists in the coordination and implementation of forest carbon inventory for Bluesource Forestry projects. He also works with third-party contractors and vendors, as well as coordinates and oversees associated fieldwork.

Prior to Bluesource, Tim most recently served as Stewardship Manager at Pacific Forest Trust (PFT), stewarding working forest conservation easements on large forest properties in California and Oregon. Tim led monitoring of PFT’s cadre of 110,000 acres of conserved forestland, including reviewing forest management and harvest plans, and inspecting field conditions and harvest data to assess compliance with easement terms. He also supported the acquisition of conservation easements by providing technical expertise in geospatial and forest inventory analyses. Tim holds a BS in Biology from UCLA, and a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University, where he focused on forestry, conservation, and geospatial analysis.

Director, Engineering and Technical Services

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Tooraj.

As the Director of Engineering & Technical Services, TJ oversees the development of carbon offset projects spanning North America and manages the team in Canada to delivers these projects. TJ’s experience covers a variety of sectors including oil and gas, agriculture, commercial/institutional energy efficiency, municipal operations, refrigerant management and biomass to energy. In addition, he is responsible for leading the sourcing and development of Bluesource's Advisory Services which includes corporate GHG inventories, government funding opportunities, facility compliance reporting, GHG quantification methodology development, and regulatory/market studies for various carbon reduction initiatives.

TJ is a Professional Engineer, holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary, and a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Development from the Haskayne School of Business. Prior to Bluesource, TJ worked in the geospatial industry as an engineering team lead, field engineer and software engineer.

Vice President of Business Development, Carbon Projects

Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Will.

As Vice President of Business Development, Will is responsible for managing Blue Source's methane project portfolio (landfill gas, coal mine, wastewater), assisting the ODS and transportation offset portfolio as well as sourcing and developing new carbon offset and RIN projects. He has successfully registered more than five million of emission credits on both Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) registries. Will is a member of EPA’s LMOP and SWANA where he’s taken continuing education classes to stay abreast of the dynamic landfill methane market.

Prior to joining Blue Source, Will worked as an Energy Business Specialist, which involved developing and coordinating biogas/landfill gas to beneficial use projects, conducting research and documenting developments on biogas and the role of policy. In this capacity, Will also worked on transportation, energy efficiency and enhanced oil recovery policy and technology demonstration projects. He received his MBA with an emphasis in finance, BS in Agriculture and BS in Business from Kansas State University.

President, Bluesource Methane

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet Yvan.

As President of Bluesource Methane, Yvan is responsible for delivering results for and overseeing the development of the Company’s emphasis on fugitive methane emissions, with specific emphasis in Canada. He oversees all aspects from conceptual development to realization through physical projects in the field. A skilled builder and innovator across multiple sectors, his background includes experience in consumer-packaged goods (Coca-Cola Enterprises), technology (Blast Radius) and environmental markets (Summerhill Group).

Yvan earned a B.A. in Political Science from Yale University with a focus on environmental policy and business-government relations, including graduate-level forestry studies in the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. A graduate of the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA Program, Yvan is also national co-chair of the Canadian Working Group for IETA (International Emissions Trading Association) and a member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce’s Environment and Natural Resources Committee. Outside of work, Yvan is an avid hockey player, cyclist, skier and triathlete.

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affiliate debt, equity & investment raised
75 M+ tCO2e
emission reductions registered
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